Rohit Sharma Dropped A Hint That World Cup 2023 Will Be His Last ICC Tournament-TGN

Indian captain Rohit Sharma will have tremendous pressure on his shoulders going into the Asia Cup 2023 and with the impending ODI World Cup 2023. Rohit is aware of the fact that he has more than a billion hopes ahead of the ODI World Cup, which starts October 5 with England taking on New Zealand in Ahmedabad.

Rohit Sharma Talked About Pressure Ahead Of ODI World Cup 2023

Despite all the pressure and excitement regarding the two biggest tournaments lined up ahead, Rohit Sharma has been keeping himself calm.

In an exclusive interview with the PTI just before joining the Asia Cup camp in Bengaluru, Rohit said:

For me, it is important how I keep myself relaxed and not worry about external factors that play a role, whether positively or not negatively. I want to shut out everything,”

He added: “I want to get into the phase I was in before the 2019 World Cup,”

Rohit Sharma stated that he wants to get back to the phase he was in before the 2019 World Cup. As per him he was in a great frame of mind and he prepared himself really well for the tournament. He said:

“I was in great frame of mind and prepared really well for the tournament”

He added: “I was in good shape, good mindset. I want to bring that back and I have time to do that. Trying to recollect what were the right things that I was doing before the 2019 World Cup as a cricketer and as a person. I want to revisit that thought process of mine personally,”

The result of World Cup and other important series can change a lot of things but Rohit feels a month of cricket can’t break or make the player he is. He said:

A person can’t change overnight with his success or failures,” 

“I don’t think one result or one championship can change me as a person. I have not changed as a person in the last 16 years and I don’t think anything needs to change on that front,” 

“The focus will be on how I can achieve my goals in the next two months, for me and my team. A person can’t change in a period of one or two months.”

Sharma Dropped A Big Hint

He also revealed that his focus is on cherishing the present moment and creating memories, giving his fans a hint that the upcoming World Cup 2023 could his last. He said:

“I am not a firm believer in numbers. You should be happy and enjoy the time you have in-front of you, and try to live in that kind of moment. I am thinking about what gives me happiness,” he added.

“For me, it’s all about creating memories and creating a good rapport with my teammates. Be happy in whatever you get and whatever you have.”

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