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Role Play Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Showcases Her Killer Instincts As A Suburban Wife In Action Thriller-TGN


  • Prime Video releases thrilling trailer for Role Play, starring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo as a married couple thrown into a dangerous journey when secrets unfold.
  • Role Play explores the dark humor and evolving relationship of the couple as they navigate the threat to their family’s safety.
  • The film features an impressive cast, including Bill Nighy and Connie Nielsen, and marks director Thomas Vincent’s first Hollywood feature.



Prime Video releases a new trailer for their upcoming movie Role Play, in which Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo put their relationship to an unexpected test. Cuoco and Oyelowo portray a married couple whose lives take an unusual turn when their secrets start to unravel. In particular, Cuoco portrays the suburban wife who happens to have a double life as an assassin. Role Play is set for release on January 12, 2024.

Now, Prime Video has released the first trailer for Role Play. Check it out below:

From the beginning of the trailer, Cuoco’s character Emma is shown deceiving husband David (Oyelowo) when he asks her how her work trip to Nebraska was. As the sequences continue, it is revealed that Emma is, in fact, an assassin whose actions now send the couple on a thrilling journey that threatens their once-serene family life.

What To Expect For Role Play

Coincidentally, the film’s title, Role Play, refers to a seemingly innocent romantic evening between the central couple. Despite the gut-wrenching truth, the movie will focus on the couple’s evolving relationship and daring journey to keep their family safe. On the other hand, the uncouth bluntness of these moments from the trailer creates a sense of dark humor throughout an otherwise high-stakes scenario.

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Alongside Cuoco and Oyelowo, the Role Play cast includes Bill Nighy and Connie Nielsen. Nighy seemingly portrays Emma’s associate, Bob Kellerman, who happens to know much about her secret life as a trained assassin. In contrast, Nielsen plays an investigator, Gwen Carver, who is aware of Emma’s history and wants to help David and his family. Role Play also marks director Thomas Vincent’s first Hollywood-based movie, as the filmmaker’s short resume includes four French films since 1999.

Role Play will be the first of many original movies to kick off the 2024 schedule for Prime Video, alongside the Mean Girls musical and The Beekeeper. So far, the trailer teases a promising new role for Cuoco, showing how much her career has grown since The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant.

Source: Prime Video

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