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Scarface Reboot Update Reveals Director’s Exit As Development Problems Continue After 12 Years-TGN

The reboot of Scarface, the 1983 movie starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana that was an adaptation of a 1929 book, gets another dismal update.


  • The Scarface reboot, which has been in development for over a decade, has received another discouraging update.
  • The new movie will be a reworking of the story, incorporating elements from both the 1932 and 1983 versions.
  • Director Luca Guadagnino, who was previously attached to the project, confirmed that he is no longer working on Scarface, but no details were given about the project’s status.



The Scarface reboot has received another discouraging update after more than a decade in development hell. The new movie is set to be a reworking of the story of the titular fictional kingpin who debuted in the 1929 novel Scarface. The book has been adapted onscreen twice, in a 1932 movie starring Paul Muni as Tony Camonte and a 1983 movie starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, and the reboot is said to include elements from both iterations rather than properly remaking one or the other.

Per The Hindu, Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino spoke about his involvement in the reboot of the Scarface story during the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. While he was previously announced to be attached to the project, he confirmed that “I am not working on Scarface anymore.” He didn’t give any indication of whether the project has stalled or been taken over by another creative team.

The Scarface Reboot’s Production Woes Explained

Tony with his cronies in Scarface

The Scarface reboot has been struggling to make it to the screen since development on the project began at Universal in 2011. Since then, nearly a dozen different writers and directors have been involved in the project in various combinations. Originally, it was announced that the team working on the project included the return of Martin Bregman (the producer of the original Scarface), Suicide Squad director David Ayer penning the screenplay, and Harry Potter franchise stalwart David Yates in talks to direct.

The project saw a revolving door of writers and directors in the ensuing decade as the specifics of the reboot story fluctuated. These iterations included a version where Scarface was a Mexican immigrant in modern-day L.A. The latest team to board the project were Guadagnino in the director’s chair and legendary writer-director duo Joel and Ethan Coen writing the script. Take a look at a timeline of writers and directors who were either attached or in talks to join the project together below:





David Yates

David Ayer


Pablo Larraín

Paul Attanasio



Jonathan Herman


Antoine Fuqua

Terence Winter



Joel and Ethan Coen


Antoine Fuqua

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer


Luca Guadagnino

Joel and Ethan Coen

Given the fact that no new director has been announced, it seems likely that Scarface is once again dead in the water. It’s possible that a new director and writer will be announced soon, but there wouldn’t seem to be a guarantee that the movie would actually get off the ground. The history of the reboot has been so full of false starts that it seems unlikely that any new version that is announced will actually come to fruition unless production actually begins.

Source: The Hindu

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