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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Goes Full Mortal Kombat in Epic New Trailer-TGN


  • The new trailer for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off pays a perfect homage to Mortal Kombat, featuring the iconic theme and narrator in the same style as the original.
  • The inclusion of the 90s Mortal Kombat theme adds to the long line of video game references in the Scott Pilgrim series, making it feel like a part of the expanding multimedia universe.
  • With a release date set for November 17, this highly anticipated anime adaptation proves to be a labor of love for fans, with the original cast, writer, producer, and composers behind the video game involved. Expect it to be a hit.



A brand-new trailer for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has the cast going full Mortal Kombat in an epic way. The upcoming adaptation of the hit Scott Pilgrim series has become one of the most anticipated anime to release in 2023. The Bryan Lee O’Malley comics and 2010 film by Edgar Wright have risen in popularity over the years, making this new anime incredibly hyped by fans. With about a month to go till its release, Netflix has released a new trailer, and it’s absolutely perfect.

The newest trailer for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, shared over the weekend on Netflix’s YouTube channel, starts out simply enough. Scott wakes up from a dream as Ramona Flowers passes through, telling his roommate Wallace about her. Then, a montage of what’s to come begins with Scott meeting Ramona and asking her on a date. Once he realizes he has to defeat her seven evil exes to date her though, the rest of the trailer goes off with an epic homage to the incredibly catchy Mortal Kombat theme from the 90s. It’s a perfect way to get fans hyped for what’s to come as it blends smoothly with the epic fights to come in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

Scott Pilgrim‘s New Trailer Is The Perfect Homage To Mortal Kombat

The best thing about this trailer is undoubtedly how much it respects the Mortal Kombat theme. Not only does it feature the epic notes that made fans want to punch the air because of how adrenaline-fueled it is, but it also includes the narrator reading off the various Scott Pilgrim characters in the same style as the original theme naming the different fighters in the film. It’s a perfect way to display the massive voice cast that reunites the 2010 Scott Pilgrim film’s actors while also being a loving wink to those who have fond memories of the Paul W.S. Anderson 90s action film.

What’s notable about the inclusion of the 90s Mortal Kombat theme is that it accompanies a long line of reasons why this will be the essential on-screen version of Scott Pilgrim’s story. Video game references and humor have been a part of O’Malley’s comic since the first volume hit bookstores. The 2010 film doubled down on this by including 1-Ups, health bars and stats to mimic Beat-Em Up games that were arcade treasures. The film even managed to get a beloved video game adaptation that perfectly recreated what Wright wanted the film to be. Incorporating a video game movie theme into this trailer makes it feel like a part of this ever-expanding multimedia universe, and it will undoubtedly have fans excited for when the anime officially debuts on Netflix.

Scott Pilgrim‘s New Trailer Proves It’s In The Right Hands

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Fight Matthew Patel

Fans fortunately won’t have to wait long as every episode of this anticipated anime is slated to hit Netflix on November 17, 2023. Every single piece of news regarding the upcoming Scott Pilgrim adaptation has shown that this will be a labor of love for fans of the franchise. With O’Malley coming back to write the script, Edgar Wright producing the project, the entire cast of the 2010 film reprising their roles, and the composers behind the video game making the music, this won’t be an anime to miss. This epic trailer just cements that Scott Pilgrim Takes Off will be an absolute hit, and just like the Mortal Kombat franchise this video pays homage to, it’ll have fans screaming “Finish Him” as Scott battles Ramona’s Seven Evil Exes.

Check out Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on November 17, only on Netflix!

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