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Sex Education Season 4 Posters Get Up Close & Sensual With 8 Characters-TGN


  • Sex Education season 4 is being promoted with suggestive posters featuring the main cast against vibrant backgrounds.
  • Notable absences from the promotional material include characters Ola, Lily, and Olivia after their departure from the show.
  • Season 4 will explore a changed landscape, with Otis continuing to embrace sex positivity and navigating new relationships and challenges.

Moordale alums are gearing up for their return as the British comedy Sex Education has promoted its season 4 with a series of suggestive posters. Originally released in 2019, Sex Education follows 16-year-old Otis (Asa Butterfield) establish a sex-therapy clinic at his school with the help of friends Maeve (Emma Mackey) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa). Season 4 will be the conclusion of the series.

Embracing its reputation for raunchiness, Sex Education season 4 is being promoted with a series of up-close portraits posted on the Netflix Twitter account.

In each poster, a Sex Education lead wears a sensual expression, caught against a multi-chromatic, fluorescent background. The account captioned these images with an innuendo: “come and face the music.” See the images below:

What Sex Education’s Final Season Could Have In Store

While the posters confirm that the main cast will return for final season, there are some noticeable faces missing from the promotional material. Characters Ola and Lily’s absence from Sex Education season 4 was announced July 2022, and the departure of Olivia (who is played by Bridgerton star Simone Ashley) was shared even earlier. Most significantly, though, Mackey and Gatwa both announced that season 4 would be the conclusion to their roles as Sex Education leads Maeve and Eric. This may have contributed to the decision to end the series.

Nearly two years ago, Sex Education released season 3 which included the birth of Jean’s daughter, the closing of Moordale Secondary, and Maeve’s confession to Otis that she will be studying in the U.S. (despite their relationship commencing only recently). From the Sex Education season 4 trailer, it appears that Otis will continue embracing sex positivity, as the snippet centers around a speech he delivers to new Cavendish Sixth Firm College classmates explaining his role as an aspiring sex therapist. The trailer also seems to emphasize the distance between Maeve and Otis, showing a scene of Maeve walking alone at a new location and Otis laying down next to ex-girlfriend Ruby.

Season 3 laid the foundation for an altered Sex Education landscape, and season 4 could thereby take the show in a variety of new directions. With Otis potentially navigating a new relationship, school, and cast of characters, season 4 will likely be a sequence of firsts and a tribute to the show’s conclusion. Sex Education season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix on September 21.

Source: Netflix/Twitter

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