Shahid Afridi Blamed Babar Azam For Pakistan’s Defeat In A Subtle Way-TGN

In a decisive showdown at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India emerged victorious. They defeated Pakistan by seven wickets in the 12th match of the ICC World Cup 2023. The game left Pakistan fans in heartbreak. Beyond the final score, this high-stakes clash has sparked discussions regarding Pakistan’s performance, prompting former captain Shahid Afridi to share his profound insights.

Pakistan‘s cricket team, often referred to as the Green Shirts, suffered their eighth World Cup loss to India. This defeat not only disheartened fans but also raised concerns about the lackluster performance of several key players. Shahid Afridi, known for his passionate approach, found Pakistan’s defeat without a fight deeply disappointing.

Shahid Afridi Blamed Babar Azam For Pakistan’s Defeat In A Subtle Way

Commenting on a local sports show, Afridi remarked, “In sports, wins and losses are expected, but a loss like this is hard to digest. At least put up a fight. When you fight and still lose, you can say the team gave it their all, but it wasn’t their day.”

Expectations from fans were sky-high, and it was evident that the team fell short of them. Afridi highlighted the emotional toll such losses take on fans, stating, “The World Cup, occurring once every four years, generates immense excitement as teams prepare and form strategies. When a team loses like this, it’s a painful experience.”

When asked about the role of experience in the defeat, Afridi downplayed its significance. He firmly believed that the team possessed the necessary skills for success. However, he acknowledged that there’s room for improvement in terms of strategy and awareness.

Afridi stated, “If you seek excuses, you’ll find many. These players have been consistently playing cricket. The pressure of expectations in international cricket is a given; you are expected to deliver.”

Afridi’s advice for the team revolved around playing an aggressive style of cricket, not necessarily relying on big shots but instead consistently rotating the strike. He added: “If you find yourself at 40 runs, then aim for a substantial innings to prove your impact as a player.”

The consensus suggests that the current team possesses the potential and skills required for success. However, they must focus on maintaining an aggressive, attacking style of play, minimizing dot balls, and seizing every opportunity to score runs

As the ICC World Cup 2023 progresses, Pakistan fans eagerly await the resurgence of the Green Shirts. They hope that they can turn the tide and regain their winning momentum.

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