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In the cricketing world, Shikhar Dhawan is a shining star who has won over admirers with his flamboyance and grace. Dhawan has gone through one of the most difficult times in his life. In the midst of the turbulent waters of his divorce from Aesha Mukerji, Shikhar Dhawan’s life took a surprising turn. Their relationship was strained because of the legal battle that threatened both his career and his time with his son, Zoravar.

Delhi court awarded Dhawan a divorce, claiming cruelty by Mukerji, after a drawn-out legal fight that took its toll on both parties. For Dhawan, a turning point came when the court ruled that he could see his 9-year-old son again. The frequent video conversations between Shikhar Dhawan and his son Zoravar have helped them maintain a close relationship despite their geographical apart.

One of these shared items was a touching video conversation with Zoravar. The video was accompanied with a moving passage from a poem by Gulzar: “Ek Ajeeb Si Betaabi Hai Tere Bin, Reh Bhi Lete Hai Aur Raha Bhi Nahi Jaata.” Dhawan’s commitment to being a caring parent shines, which he wrote despite the emotional turmoil he has experienced.

Shikhar Dhawan Has a Video Call With His Son Zoravar

Despite his own difficulties, Shikhar Dhawan’s dedication to cricket has not wavered. While he is out of favour with the Indian team at the moment, he still plays domestic cricket to stay in shape and adhere to his rigorous workout programme. From his own house, he has been following the ICC World Cup 2023 and the development of the Indian cricket team with great interest.

Dhawan has an incredible record in ICC 50-over events. He has amassed nearly 1200 runs at a remarkable average of 65.79 in only 20 matches played over four ICC championships. He was recognised as the Champions Trophy 2013 Tournament’s Most Valuable Player for his amazing performances.

The massive matchup between India and Pakistan, two bitter rivals, will be one of the highlights of the ICC World Cup 2023. Even though he isn’t currently on the Indian team, cricket fans are looking forward to hearing Dhawan’s thoughts on the game.

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