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SHY Episode 4 Release Date & Time-TGN

Episode #4 of SHY is almost here, and it will see the titular protagonist put to the test against fellow hero Stardust. Compared to the first two episodes, SHY episode #3 was a lot slower with its story, but that served as a nice cooldown from how intense the previous episodes were. Even with that, however, there was plenty of great development to be found in episode #3, and a lot of great content has been set up for its immediate follow-up in episode #4.



What Time SHY Episode #4 Releases

Unilord in episode 3

As with previous episodes, SHY streams exclusively on Crunchyroll, which can be accessed on their website and through their app. Episode #4 should premiere on Crunchyroll on Monday, October 23, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PST) and 12:00 PM Eastern (EST) in the United States and at 5:00 PM British Summer Time (BST) in the United Kingdom.

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What Happened In SHY Episode #3?

The heroes of SHY and Iko

SHY episode #3, “Conversation at the Dinner Table”, began with Teru and Iko hanging out at the mall and solidifying their friendship after the events of episode #2, but their hangout was soon interrupted by the arrival of Spirit. As per Unilord’s request, Spirit brought Teru to the space station so they could discuss the incident with Stigma, and since Iko was Stigma’s latest victim, she was to come to the space station, as well. Upon arriving there, Teru and Iko also met Britain’s hero Stardust, a major celebrity in the world whom Spirit paradoxically described as a psychopath.

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Once the meeting was underway, Stardust revealed that Stigma forced the same sort of monstrous transformation Iko underwent onto a friend of his, but rather than try to empathize with him as Shy did with Iko, Stardust solved the problem by cutting off his friend’s finger. Shy and Iko were startled by his ruthlessness, and to make matters worse, Unilord revealed that the other purpose of their gathering was to have Shy and Stardust fight as a test to see if Shy could handle the upcoming battle. Despite her obvious trepidation, Shy agreed to the fight, and she even agreed to quit being a hero if she couldn’t defeat Stardust.

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SHY Episode #4 Will Be Its Hero’s First True Test

Stardust in episode 3

The biggest takeaway from the setup for SHY episode #4 is that it will be Shy’s first true test as both a hero and the protagonist. Naturally, Stardust will challenge Shy on a physical level, but he’s also been characterized as someone who foregoes mercy and compassion, something antithetical to Shy’s character, so the fight will also serve as a test of how well Shy can defend her ideologies. Something like that can do a great job of solidifying Shy’s character and the overall tone of the anime, so it will be great to see how SHY episode #4 decides to handle it.

Be sure to watch SHY episode #4 when it releases on Monday, October 23, on Crunchyroll.

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