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Low Point For A Simpsons Character Is Made So Much Worse In Watchmen Crossover Art-TGN


  • Artwork combines Kirk Van Houten’s low point in The Simpsons with a dark twist inspired by Watchmen, adding a grim and gory element.
  • Kirk Van Houten is portrayed as an unlucky character who has faced numerous hardships, including unemployment, losing custody of his son, and being involved in various misfortunes.
  • The comic strip humorously highlights Kirk’s bitter and suffering nature, showcasing his unfortunate life while also making him the butt of a morbid joke.



The Simpsons‘ Kirk Van Houten’s infamous season 8 low point is made much worse and messier in artwork that adds a grim Watchmen-inspired twist. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ celebrated 1986 12-issue comic book series is a dark deconstruction of the superhero genre, where a group of former superheroes are reunited to solve the conspiracy that led to the death of an ally. Voiced by Hank Azaria, Kirk, the often pathetic father of Milhouse (Pamela Hayden), made his first appearance in The Simpsons‘ season 3 episode “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love.”

Instagram meme account @bortposting has shared a recent piece by Max Acosta that adds a dark twist to an often referenced and humorous moment.

Looking back to season 8’s “A Milhouse Divided,” the moment Kirk was fired from the cracker factory is merged with Rorscharch’s final moments, as Kirk takes on the role of the vigilante and his boss takes on Doctor Manhattan’s role. Reusing dialogue from the episode, Kirk receives a cold, and ultimately gorier dismissal from the cracker factory.

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While Springfield has no shortage of losers, Kirk has had more than his fair share of hardships even after his divorce from Luann (Maggie Roswell). Alongside being unemployed, losing custody of Milhouse, and being forced to move into an apartment complex with nothing but a race car bed, Kirk suffered a string of bad jobs that left him unable to provide. He has also been arrested, framed for kidnapping, and became the victim of many brutal injuries in later seasons of The Simpsons.

In The Simpsons season 19, Kirk and Luann would eventually remarry after they found themselves growing closer once more, allowing Milhouse to have a proper family. After a brief period stranded on a desert island together, the pair have remained together, though this hasn’t stopped friction between them. While his marriage is still rocky, it is evident that Kirk at the very least has managed to somewhat grow, or at the very least reclaim a bit of the life he had before.

Kirk Van Houten is a Simpsons character viewers can both pity and enjoy watching suffer. While he undergoes so much hardship, he is also more than willing to let his bitterness out on those around him when the opportunity occurs. As such, the above comic is both a clever combination of two very different worlds and another funny way to make Kirk the butt of a morbid joke.

“A Milhouse Divided,” “Little Orphan Millie,” and other episodes of The Simpsons exploring Kirk’s sad life can be found on Disney+.

Source: @bortposting/Instagram


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