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Smurfs Enter A Warzone In Extremely Bizarre & Action-Packed Crossover Art -TGN


  • The Smurfs going to war in AI art is a jarring and unexpected concept, as their usual adventures are lighthearted and family-friendly.
  • If a war movie were to be made about The Smurfs, it would involve them fighting enemies their own size and would have a darker tone.
  • The franchise is likely to continue making comedic and family-oriented films, but the AI art of Smurfs at war proposes an intriguing and memorable concept.

Smurfs enter a war zone in bizarre AI art of The Smurfs, which sees the classic blue characters experiencing the action and aftermath of war. Storylines in the actual franchise tend to follow simple adventures, with the Smurfs occasionally defending themselves from outside forces. This is usually Gargamel, a wizard that wants to destroy the small blue creatures alongside his cat Azrael.

Now, BaxtheDestroyer has posted art of The Smurfs to the Midjourney subreddit, featuring the iconic creatures going to war. The images depict them in realistic war settings, seemingly taking inspiration from Apocalypse Now. Some of the images also feature Smurfs in a hospital with missing limbs, seemingly showcasing the aftermath of their conflict. Get a closer look at the art below:

Would A Smurfs War Movie Work?

The Smurfs are known for having light-hearted yet epic adventures, sometimes trying to save their home from villains like Gargamel. Their adventures often involve lots of comedy, with their comics, movies, and TV series striving to be family friendly. This makes art of the little blue creatures going to war all the more jarring, as it’s not something they would do in an official project.

If there were ever a war movie made about The Smurfs, it seems it would involve the residents of their small village going up against an enemy the same size as them. The film would also end up being quite dark if it were to have a similar feel to it as BaxtheDestroyer’s art. But, because of how different the tone would be, a war movie featuring the classic blue characters may be too different from their other adventures to pursue.

For now, it seems the new movie featuring The Smurfs will be just as comedic and family-oriented as the movies that have come before. While it’s possible a war story about Smurfs could be written for a more mature audience, the franchise seems like it will continue to focus on making family-oriented films. Even so, AI art of Smurfs at war makes it seem like a memorable concept.

Source: BaxtheDestroyer/Reddit

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