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Keanu Reeves Becomes The Perfect Version Of Spider-Man For Him In Stunning Marvel Art-TGN


  • Fans are hoping to see Keanu Reeves join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a fan art imagines him as Spider-Man Noir.
  • Spider-Man Noir already has a set live-action future with an upcoming series on Amazon Prime Video.
  • While Reeves would be perfect for the role, his chances of playing Spider-Man Noir are currently small due to his limited TV series appearances.



A gloomy fan art finds the perfect Spider-Man variant for Keanu Reeves. The actor saw a renaissance in his career with the John Wick action movie franchise, which has led to fans asking for Reeves to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Reeves has revealed he always wanted to play Wolverine, an exciting new fan art pitches the perfect Spider-Man variant for the John Constantine actor to play.

On Instagram, artist @arifinity_ imagined Reeves as none other than Spider-Man Noir.

The fan art depicts not only Reeves as Spider-Man Noir but also The Amazing Spider-Man franchise lead Andrew Garfield as a version of the hero. More than Garfield, Reeves would excel as that version of Peter Parker, who lives in New York City during the Great Depression and thus is shrouded in darkness. Reeves’ roles in films such as Constantine and The Watcher make him perfect if the MCU Spider-Man movies decide to make a full-on live-action Spider-Verse.

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Spider-Man Noir Already Has A Set Live-Action Future

Spider-Man Noir in a Marvel Comic and the Into the Spider-Verse movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse featured Nicolas Cage voicing Spider-Man Noir, with the animated movie being the first time a lot of Marvel fans saw the character. Following his big movie role, the comic book vigilante’s live-action future is already set, as a live-action Spider-Man Noir series is being developed for Amazon Prime Video. This makes Reeves’ chances of playing the character hard, as the actor has barely appeared in any TV series since the 1990s.

The series will make some changes to the character. The biggest of them is the fact that Spider-Man Noir will no longer be Peter Parker, with the identity of the character who will be behind the mask in the Amazon series still to be revealed. The Spider-Man Noir live-action show will not be set in any of the existing Spider-Man franchises, instead taking place in its own universe.

While the Spider-Man Noir show and Amazon’s other announced Spider-Man live-action spinoff series, Silk: Spider Society, are being developed with the help of Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Cage is not attached to the project. Spider-Man Noir’s world should make for an interesting live-action depiction, with the series being able to explore a New York that is both visually distinct from the movies and also exists in a far darker context. Reeves would be perfect as a grizzled, disillusioned Spider-Man Noir similar to the one in the animated movie if he chooses to pursue the role in the Spider-Man series, though that is currently a long shot.

Source: @arifinity_/Instagram

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