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When Enterprise’s Connor Trinner’s Star Trek Comeback Episode Releases-TGN


  • Connor Trinneer returns as Trip Tucker in Star Trek: very Short Treks, marking the first official comeback of an Enterprise character in current Star Trek.
  • Trinneer’s reprisal of Trip Tucker is significant, as Star Trek: Enterprise has gained popularity and fans have been eager to see its characters return.
  • Although very Short Treks is not part of Star Trek canon, it is hoped that this is just the beginning of the long-awaited comeback of the rest of the Enterprise cast.



Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Connor Trinneer returns as Trip Tucker for the first time in 18 years, and here’s when his very Short Treks episode releases. Trinneer is one of several Star Trek actors past and present lending their voices to very Short Treks, a series of shorts by Casper Kelly (Adult Swim) celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series. Although very Short Treks is not part of Star Trek canon, fans are still excited to hear Trinneer reprise the beloved Trip Tucker, who was killed off in Star Trek: Enterprise’s controversial series finale.

Connor Trinneer’s Star Trek comeback episode will be in the very Short Treks episode “Holograms, All The Way Down” which premieres on Wednesday, September 27th. Like all of the very Short Treks episodes, “Holograms, All The Way Down” will stream on StarTrek.com and the official Star Trek YouTube page. Here’s the schedule for very Short Treks:

Star Trek: Prodigy executive producer Aaron J. Waltke confirmed on Twitter that he wrote “Holograms, All The Way Down” and that Connor Trinneer is just one of the Star Trek guest voices appearing in his very Short Treks episode. Check out his Tweet here:

Aaron J. Waltke responded to Connor Trinneer’s own Tweet confirming his Star Trek return as Trip Tucker. Waltke wrote the acclaimed Star Trek: Prodigy season 1 crossover episode “Kobayashi” which featured the voices of many Star Trek legacy guest stars like Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura. Waltke’s very Short Treks episode looks to be another huge Star Trek guest voice reunion, including Connor Trinneer’s comeback as Trip Tucker.

What Connor Trinner’s Star Trek Comeback Means For Trip & Enterprise


Connor Trinneer reprising Trip Tucker in Star Trek: very Short Treks is significant, even if the animated comedic short is not part of Star Trek canon. Star Trek: Enterprise gained a new audience and greater appreciation ever since it hit streaming services like Netflix and Paramount+. It’s safe to say Enterprise is more popular now than when it originally aired on UPN from 2001-2005, and Star Trek fans have been clamoring to see Enterprise‘s characters return in the current Star Trek on Paramount+ series.

Trip Tucker is the first Enterprise character to officially return in current Star Trek, even if it is in a non-canonical very Short Treks episode. It’s also extra special to have Trip back since his death remains a sore spot among fans nearly two decades later. Star Trek’s animated series like Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy are ideal venues to bring back Star Trek: Enterprise‘s characters in canon, and Connor Trinneer along with his fellow cast mates Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley, Linda Park, Dominic Keating, and Anthony Montgomery would be welcomed back by fans either in animation or live action. very Short Treks is, hopefully, just a first step toward the rest of Star Trek: Enterprise‘s cast making their long-awaited comeback.

New episodes of Star Trek: very Short Treks premiere Wednesdays on StarTrek.com and Star Trek’s official YouTube.

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