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A Mandalorian Goes To War In Stunning Bo-Katan Cosplay-TGN

This cosplay of Bo-Katan Kryze looks ready to retake Mandalore in a creation that brings the planet’s ruler in The Mandalorian season 3 to life.


  • Bo-Katan’s iconic costume from The Mandalorian has been faithfully recreated in this incredible cosplay, capturing every detail from the wear-and-tear of her armor to the shield she uses on her vambrace.
  • With Mandalore reclaimed under Bo-Katan’s leadership, another war is on the horizon as the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn poses a threat to the planet.
  • This sets up Mandalore as a key battleground in the ongoing conflict between Thrawn, the New Republic, and the galaxy as a whole.



The ruler of Mandalore prepares for war in this incredible The Mandalorian cosplay of Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan Kryze. Season 3 of the Star Wars Disney+ TV show sees Bo-Katan at long last wielding the Darksaber once again and leading the effort to retake Mandalore alongside Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin, an adventure that brought more of Bo-Katan’s weapons and tools from the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series to life. Her costume also received a key change, with one of her Nite Owl pauldrons being substituted for a silver Mythosaur, symbolizing the one she’d seen in the Living Waters. Now, all of these elements have been brought to life in an extremely faithful cosplay.

The costume created and sported by Harukofett looks like Bo-Katan herself pulled straight from the screen. The wear-and-tear of her armor to the shield she uses on her vambrace are perfect recreations of Bo’s costume. From the top of the helmet to the armor over the boots, this cosplay is truly fitting for the leader of Mandalore, and it certainly evokes her readiness for any type of battle.

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Bo-Katan & Mandalore Have Another War Ahead

Bo-Katan and Mandalorians in Season 3 Finale

Though Mandalore has finally been reclaimed under Bo-Katan’s leadership, the planet will have another war to face. The Ahsoka series has seen the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the galaxy, and there’s no doubt he’ll see the newly reclaimed Mandalore as a threat to whatever plan he’s started to put into place. Given that the Shadow Council was concerned with Moff Gideon’s warning of Mandalorian reclamation, there’s no doubt this news will be passed on to Thrawn, who’s set to become their leader now that he’s made his return.

This very well sets up Mandalore to become an important part of the war Thrawn may wage upon the New Republic and the galaxy as a whole. Though most of his plans remain unknown as of now, stories such as The Mandalorian season 4 will no doubt unveil more and tie the conflict back to the planet that’s under Bo-Katan’s rule. With Din being such a vital part of helping Bo-Katan’s mission to succeed and him now being involved with the New Republic, Mandalore has a high chance of becoming a strong area of interest to Thrawn, which sets the planet up for yet another war that could begin in either The Mandalorian or another future Star Wars story.

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