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“The Idea Right Now Is To Do A Movie”: Star Wars’ Lando Movie Spinoff Confirmed To Be In The Works-TGN


  • Creator Stephen Glover suggests that the Lando project for Disney+ may now be a movie instead of a TV show, which could be a more logical approach.
  • Donald Glover’s Lando deserves a movie instead of a TV show, as many Disney+ Star Wars shows centered on preexisting characters have been mediocre in quality.
  • Unlike shows that stretch out the story, a movie format would allow the filmmakers to focus the budget and make Lando’s story as efficient as possible.



Although Lando was previously announced as a Star Wars TV show for Disney+, a new update suggests the project is back on as a movie. This information is courtesy of Stephen Glover, creator and writer of Lando and brother of Donald Glover, the actor who portrayed Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. While this is a significant change from the Lando series audiences were expecting, releasing the project as a movie may be a more logical approach.

Speaking to Pablo Torre on his YouTube channel PABLO TORRE FINDS OUT, Glover expressed his plans to develop Lando as a movie rather than a TV show.

Glover acknowledges that such plans are subject to change, especially with the current Writers Guild of America strike, but shows remarkable enthusiasm toward this possibility.

UPDATE: 2023/09/14 18:14 EST BY THOMAS BACON

Lucasfilm confirm the Lando project is now a movie

Lucasfilm confirmed this news to Variety; the Lando Disney+ TV show has indeed become a movie.

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Donald Glover’s Lando Deserves A Movie, Not A TV Show

Star Wars Lando Calrissian Donald Glover

The idea of Donald Glover’s Lando getting a movie is much more appealing than a TV show. As great as some of the Disney+ Star Wars shows have been, many are mediocre in quality, especially ones centered around a preexisting character. Obi-Wan Kenobi was initially designed as a movie but was stretched out into a TV series, which hurt the pacing and led to several unnecessary moments. The Book of Boba Fett suffered from a similar problem, relying on flashbacks and characters from The Mandalorian to fill the season’s seven-episode runtime. Lando may repeat this mistake as a TV show on Disney+.

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There have been exceptions to this rule, with the critically acclaimed Andor being the prime example. Andor has the largest episode count of any live-action Star Wars show, but this works because the story is about Cassian Andor and the entire Rebellion. Similarly, Ahsoka benefits from serving as a continuation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, so its multiple characters and plot lines justify an eight-episode runtime. Lando would be better off as a movie instead of a TV show, allowing the filmmakers to focus the budget and make the character’s story as efficient as possible.


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