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Star Wars’ High Republic TV Show Receives Five Emmy Award Nominations, Including Outstanding Main Title-TGN

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has earned 5 nominations for the 2nd Annual Children’s & Family’s Emmy Awards, honoring the High Republic era series.


  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has been nominated for five Children’s & Family Emmy Awards, recognizing its success as the first animated series set in the High Republic Era.
  • The series brings the Jedi Order’s peak era to life and allows children to enjoy this time period that has been explored in novels and comics for young adults and adults.
  • The team behind the series is honored by the nominations, as they aimed to inspire the imaginations of young audiences and capture the spirit of George Lucas’ original films.



The animated High Republic Era series Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has received five Children’s & Family Emmy Award nominations, honoring the first Star Wars animated story set in this era. This series is the first to take the era set 400-200 years before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace to the screen, a time period that’s been the essential part of Lucasfilm’s High Republic-era publishing initiative in novels and comics. While the print editions have been mostly geared towards young adults and adults, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has been allowing children to enjoy this time period where the Jedi Order is at its peak, and now it’s being honored for the incredible work it’s done.

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Star Wars has shared the news and has highlighted all five of the Emmy nominations the animated series has received, including some very notable and impressive categories.

  • Outstanding Pre-School Animated Series
  • Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for an Animated Program
  • Outstanding Main Title
  • Outstanding Editing for a Preschool Animated Program
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing and Sound Editing for a Preschool Animated Program

The team behind Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has shared that they’re “honored” to be receiving these incredible nominations, as it was always their hope to “spark the imaginations of even the youngest of audiences” with “the universal myths and aspirational lessons of the Star Wars galaxy.” They have evoked the original spirit of George Lucas’ films, allowing children to have their own special place in it all as well.

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Young Jedi Adventures Deserves All The Praise It’s Getting

Three young new animated jedi stand together with lightsabers for Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures

The animated series certainly deserves to get all these flowers and more, as it’s seamlessly brought the beloved High Republic Era to life from the printed pages of books and novels while also inviting children to enjoy these adventures, too. The show has even woven in familiar characters from the era, most notably Master Yoda with characters such as Master Loden Greatstorm, Padawan Bell Zettifar, and their charhound Ember to also make their animated debut very soon. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has been a huge hit among young audiences and an important part of weaving the Star Wars galaxy together, and these 5 Emmy nominations only further prove and honor that sentiment.

Source: Star Wars

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