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Angelo Mathews has raised serious doubts about the very essence of cricket. The Sri Lankan cricketer etched his name in the sport’s history, becoming the inaugural international batsman to fall victim to the dreaded ‘timed out’ dismissal. In a riveting turn of events, the stage was set for an intense showdown between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the highly anticipated World Cup clash on November 6th, held in the vibrant city of New Delhi.

In a moment of anticipation, Angelo readied himself to confront the impending first delivery. However, his path to glory was abruptly hindered by an untimely equipment malfunction, as the strap of his helmet unexpectedly snapped. In a race against the clock, the player’s valiant attempts to secure a substitute helmet proved to be in vain. As the seconds ticked away, a staggering three minutes slipped by, surpassing the well-known and strictly enforced two-minute regulation for a batter to ready themselves for the impending delivery.

It was none other than the captain of Bangladesh, the formidable Shakib Al Hasan, who took charge and made the decisive move to appeal to the esteemed umpires, Marais Erasmus and Richard Illingworth. The appeal was upheld, resulting in the highly debated dismissal of Angelo Mathews.

Angelo Mathews’ Brother sends warning to Shakib Al Hasan

Stones Will Be Thrown At Shakib In Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews’ Brother

Following an absolutely astonishing turn of events, Trevin Mathews, the brother of the renowned Angelo Mathews, has wasted no time in delivering a resolute message to none other than the formidable Shakib Al Hasan. In a display of deep disappointment, he did not hold back, levelling accusations at the Bangladeshi captain for a lack of sportsmanship and a failure to demonstrate the essence of humanity in the revered gentleman’s game. Trevin Mathews expressed his profound disappointment, exclaiming, “We are very disappointed. Bangladeshi captain has no sportsman spirit and did not show humanity in the gentleman’s game.”

In a bold statement, Trevin Mathews made it abundantly clear that Shakib Al Hasan’s presence is no longer desired in Sri Lanka. He subtly alluded to the potential ramifications that lie ahead. With a cautionary tone, it was made clear that if Shakib were to make the choice of partaking in international fixtures or gracing the Lanka Premier League (LPL) in Sri Lanka, he could find himself on the receiving end of a less-than-warm welcome from fervent supporters. The repercussions, it seems, may range from a barrage of stones to the wrath of the crowd.

We never expected this right from his captain to the rest of the team members. Shakib is not welcome in Sri Lanka. If he comes here to play any international or the LPL matches, stones will be thrown at him, or will have to face the annoyance of the fans,” he added.

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