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A24 Comedy Such Brave Girls Hypes Its Hulu Debut With Humorous New Trailer (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents the trailer for Such Brave Girls, Kat Sadler’s A24-produced comedy making its way from BBC Three to Hulu.


  • Comedian Kat Sadler creates and stars in the family sitcom Such Brave Girls alongside her real-life sister Lizzie Davidson, making her television debut.
  • The show, which originally premiered on BBC Three, will be available for streaming on Hulu starting December 15th, with all episodes dropping at once for binge-watching.
  • Such Brave Girls follows the lives of Josie and Billie, two sisters living with their single mother Deb, as they navigate life with poor judgment and dry humor while dependent on unreliable and uncaring people.



Such Brave Girls is a new family sitcom created and written by comedian Kat Sadler. Sadler also stars in the show alongside her real-world sister Lizzie Davidson in Davidson’s television debut. Such Brave Girls also stars Louise Brealey, known in part for her roles in A Discovery of Witches and Sherlock. In the show, Sadler’s Josie and Davidson’s Billie are sisters who live with their single mother, Deb, played by Brealey.

Screen Rant is excited to share the trailer for Such Brave Girls, which can be seen above, in advance of its Hulu debut. Produced by VAL and A24, originally for BBC Three, Such Brave Girls premieres on Hulu on December 15th. All episodes will also drop at once, making it a bingeable new release.

More About Such Brave Girls

The synopsis of Such Brave Girls describes a show in which Josie, Billie, and their mother Deb must navigate life with nothing on their side but poor judgment and self-esteem dependent on unreliable and uncaring people. Kat Sadler has described the show’s primary characters as damaged narcissists, which is proven to hilarious effect in the trailer above. The show’s dry humor and quick wit is likely to make it a hit among viewers who have enjoyed other BBC comedies like Dreaming Whilst Black, which was also produced by A24.

Although the show is fictional, Such Brave Girls also came out of a personal place for Sadler. The comedian has stated that Such Brave Girls was born out of a conversation she had with her sister at the start of COVID-19 lockdowns in which, after laughing about huge life changes she and her sister had previously kept from each other, she realized the power of comedy to help mitigate some of life’s most difficult moments. Ultimately, Sadler wants the show to help audience members feel as though they’re not alone and, of course, make them laugh in the process.

All episodes of Such Brave Girls release on Hulu on December 15th.

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