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Suits Creator Gets Honest About Season 9 Cancellation, Discusses Reboot Idea Challenges-TGN


  • Suits creator Aaron Korsh admits he has no idea for a potential reboot of the show and is hesitant to do one.
  • Korsh cites reasons such as ongoing strikes, lack of a platform, and difficulty in recruiting the cast as challenges for a revival.
  • If the majority of the cast returns, potential reboot options could include a reunion case in Chicago, Louis running the firm in New York, or a big Harvey and Mike case in Seattle.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh admits that he has no ideas regarding a potential reboot of the legal drama. Originally running on the USA Network for 11 seasons, Suits follows New York’s best closer, Harvey Specter, as he hires a fake but competent lawyer, Mike Ross, as his new associate. The rest of the show follows them as they become Pearson, Hardman’s top duo, all while trying to keep their secret under the lid.

Four years after it ended with season 9, ideas about how Suits season 10 can happen have become a favorite topic of conversation online in light of the show’s resurgence on streaming. Despite the clamor, Korsh tells The Hollywood Reporter that he genuinely doesn’t have any idea about how to do a reboot. Read his full quote below:

First of all, it’s really hard work to come up with plots for a show that you love and care about and want to be great, so I’d never put a second of thought into it without someone saying, “We want to do this,” because it’s just torture to me. (Laughs.) When fans ask me, like, “What do you think Harvey and Mike are up to in Seattle?” I’m like, “I don’t know!” It’s really hard to come up with this stuff, that’s why you have a writers room — like, that’s why we’re on strike, so I don’t have to by myself!

Also, look, USA gave us 26 episodes of notice for when the show was going to end. That’s a lot of notice. And when it was over, I was very satisfied with it. I managed not to be ashamed of any of the episodes we did. And so, I’d be afraid (to do it again.) It’s not like I can think of a ton of shows that have been rebooted that I’ve watched, where I was like, “Yeah, that was great.” Usually, I’m not even interested in watching them. So, again, if someone reached out and the cast was into it, I would consider it, if I could come up with something that excited me. But if I could wave a magic wand and get another show on the air, it wouldn’t be a continuation of Suits. Now, I know I’ve mentioned the (Robert) Zane prequel idea (centered on Rachel’s dad, played by Wendell Pierce), I would do that in the second. I was really excited about that.

The Best Suits Reboot Options

Previously, Korsh has already revealed the reason why a Suits revival may not happen. He cited three reasons for this: the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, the lack of a platform, and the difficulty of recruiting the cast. The third one is arguably the trickiest to navigate, considering Meghan Markle’s retirement from Hollywood. Even if the project finds a way to move forward without Rachel Zane, it’s difficult to say if the majority of the ensemble will be available or even willing to reprise their respective characters for the revival.

Assuming, however, that Korsh is able to find a way to bring back the majority of the cast, there are several ways to revive Suits. A reunion case with Mike, Harvey, Louis, and Jessica in Chicago would cater to original viewers or those who prefer the first several seasons of the legal drama. Also seeing how Louis is running the firm in New York would also be intriguing, especially if it features the occasional involvement of Mike and Harvey from Seattle. Finally, a big Harvey and Mike case in Seattle will surely be a treat for any follower of the series.

Whether a Suits revival happens is currently difficult to predict. While there’s an obvious clamor for it, there are several factors at play that could determine its fate. The good thing is, it isn’t impossible, as revival shows are still a popular trend in Hollywood.

Source: THR

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