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Suits Cancelled Prequel Details Revealed By Creator-TGN


  • Suits creator Aaron Korsh reveals that a prequel show focusing on young Robert Zane didn’t receive interest from the USA Network.
  • The potential spinoff would have followed Zane as he embarked on his legal career fresh out of law school in the 1990s.
  • Despite the network’s lack of interest, Korsh remains open to the idea of exploring Zane’s backstory in a prequel series.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh shares details about a prequel show that didn’t move forward. Given its recent domination of the streaming charts and the show’s record-breaking successes, it’s safe to argue that the legal dramedy has never been more popular. With that newfound interest, there is a lot of interest in not only what its potential future might look like but the potential spinoff projects that never got off the ground. Producer Gene Klein previously mentioned a Suits spinoff centered around Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) that never materialized.

In recent comments posted on social media, Korsh revealed that he would have liked to see a prequel that focused on Wendell Pierce’s Robert Zane. Check out the comment below:

Pierce recurred often throughout the series, playing the father of Rachel (Meghan Markle). The prequel would have been set in the 1990s, following Zane as he was fresh out of law school. But the USA network, which was the original home of Suits, wasn’t interested at the time. Korsh says he’d still do the idea.

What Does The Future Of Suits Look Like?

Suits Harvey and Jessica standing in court

Despite the headline-grabbing success of the legal drama, a Suits revival is not guaranteed. As recently stated by Korsh, the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes delayed any potential project. The writers are back at the negotiating table, with the studio and streaming side finally agreeing to begin talking once again, but key issues remain. Even once a deal is reached, it would still need to be voted on and agreed to. The actors’ strike would also have to end, which could take some time as well.

Another issue is that the ensemble cast would be interested in reprising their roles and that the schedules line up. While it’s likely that some revival will happen, especially as the show seems to continually build on its audience, there are practical reasons why a reboot or revival won’t be immediate.

Still, a revival could take the form of a spinoff or a prequel. Perhaps the main cast will agree to come back for a limited run of episodes to set up another project that extends the Suits franchise. It will be one of the things to look for whenever productions resume, as both Netflix and Peacock will be eager to bring back the hit legal drama.

Source: Aaron Korsh/Twitter

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