Sunil Gavaskar Takes A Dig At The Fans Concerning Ravichandran Ashwin-TGN

Cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar has thrown his weight behind the 17-member squad chosen for the upcoming Asia Cup. The former skipper’s recent comments came in response to the widespread discussions on Ravichandran Ashwin’s exclusion. In an era where opinions are easily broadcasted, Gavaskar highlighted the importance of steering clear from unnecessary debates.

Many fans took to the internet, voicing their disappointment over the selectors’ choice. They believed that Ashwin, with his immense experience, deserved a spot in the squad. Gavaskar’s response was both stern and to the point. He argued that while several players might feel slighted, opening up debates only fuels unwanted controversy.

In a candid conversation with Aaj Tak, Gavaskar minced no words. He said, “Every team has players who consider themselves fortunate.” Yet, the emphasis lay on accepting the selected squad. His direct message to the fans was clear: avoid stirring up needless debates about Ashwin. Such discussions, Gavaskar believes, create controversy that doesn’t benefit the team in any manner.

Gavaskar’s message resonated with an underlying sentiment: prioritize national interests. He advised fans, rather plainly, that if they had issues with the selection, they could simply refrain from watching the matches. However, he warned against voicing opinions about who should have been chosen and who shouldn’t. Such remarks, he stated, stem from an incorrect mindset.

Additionally, Gavaskar exuded confidence in the current squad. In his words, “Who else warrants selection?” He believes that no player can genuinely argue being wronged by the selectors. His endorsement came with a seal of approval for the chosen 17. They are seasoned, in top form, and are, in his view, the right fit for the upcoming Asia Cup.

Sunil Gavaskar’s Stern Message to Fans Over Ravichandran Ashwin Debate

For those unfamiliar with the backdrop of this debate, Ashwin’s ODI journey is worth noting. He last donned the blue jersey in an ODI against South Africa in Paarl, back in January 2021. Over his career, spanning 113 ODIs, Ashwin boasts 151 wickets. His last appearance in a 50-over World Cup was in 2015. Even then, he made a mark, grabbing 13 wickets in just eight matches.

Given Ashwin’s stats, it’s understandable why his absence sparks such reactions. However, Gavaskar’s perspective offers a different vantage point. It’s a call to rally behind the team, rather than dissecting individual decisions.

Gavaskar told Aaj Tak: “Yes, there are a few players who will believe that they are lucky. But the team is selected. So don’t talk about Ashwin. Stop creating controversy. This is our team now. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the matches but stop saying that he should have been picked or another should be there, this is a wrong mindset.”

He added: “Yes, absolutely (this team can win the World Cup). Who else would you have picked? I don’t think any player can claim that he has been an injustice to him. The experienced and in-form players have been selected in the 17-member Asia Cup squad.”

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In essence, while cricket remains a game close to billions of hearts, Gavaskar’s message is a timely reminder. It nudges fans to shift from subjective preferences to collective support for Team India. The squad, after all, represents the nation. Debates, disputes, and disagreements will always exist, but the unity behind the tricolour should remain unbroken.

In the run-up to the Asia Cup and subsequently the ODI World Cup, such sentiments can prove to be the wind beneath the team’s wings. After all, a nation united in its cheers, hopes, and dreams can inspire magic on the field.

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