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Seth MacFarlane’s Ted Trailer Shows A More Optimistic Version Of The Bear In Prequel Show-TGN


  • The Ted series trailer reveals a more optimistic side to Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed bear, showcasing a different version of the character.
  • Fans of the Ted movies can expect a prequel series set in 1993 with a family sitcom dynamic and a mix of familiar and new characters.
  • The release of the Ted series on Peacock encourages viewers to subscribe to yet another streaming platform.



The Ted series trailer reveals a more optimistic version of Seth MacFarlane’s talking bear. The character originated in the 2012 movie Ted, which starred Mark Wahlberg as a Boston native whose childhood wish brings his teddy bear to life, but in adulthood, their fun-loving friendship begins to interfere with his career and relationship. The 2015 sequel, Ted 2, finds the foul-mouthed bear fighting for his right to be recognized as a person, and not property. Both R-rated comedies were big box office hits and, in 2021, a Ted prequel series was announced for Peacock.

Now, Peacock has premiered the first teaser trailer for the Ted prequel series. Watch it below:

The trailer sees the talking bear in 1993 writing a letter to his future self in 2023 expressing excitement for their “new series on the most successful streaming platform ever,” while also expressing optimism for the future, to which the modern-day Ted responds with mockery. The trailer also gets self-referential with past Ted hoping for a future with “new TV characters that don’t just rehash old stuff.” “Poor bum had so much hope,” future Ted responds.

What To Know About The Ted Prequel Series

Though it’s likely a promotional video and the footage won’t appear in the actual series, what’s most striking about the trailer is how much more optimistic the titular bear is. It’s a far cry from the future version of Ted who, in the two movies, indulged in a hedonistic lifestyle with his best friend John Bennett. The Ted series begins in 1993, which is eight years after the first film’s opening sequence when John makes his life-changing wish.

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During this time, the sentient teddy bear is still living with John and his family in Massachusetts, positioning the prequel series as something of a family sitcom. Max Burkholder takes over the role of young John after he was played by Bretton Manley in the first film. Scott Grimes and Alanna Ubach play John’s parents, Matty and Susan, who were played by different actors and even had different names in the first film. The Bennett household also includes their cousin Blaire (Giorgia Whigham), who is living with them while attending college nearby.

Similar to the two Ted movies, which were written and directed by MacFarlane, he is once again the creative mastermind behind the series. He has returned to create, write, direct, and produce episodes for the Peacock prequel series. But most importantly, he’s reprised his role as the voice of the titular talking teddy bear, Ted.

Billed as an “event series,” Ted arrives January 11 on Peacock.

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