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The Boys Season 4 Release Date Update Isn’t What You’d Hope After The Gen V Finale (But It’s Still Promising)-TGN


  • Eric Kripke gives an update on the release date of The Boys season 4, revealing that editing is mostly done, and they are now working on music and visual effects.
  • The Gen V finale sets up major storylines for The Boys season 4, including the introduction of a supe virus and the possibility of Homelander allying with new characters.
  • Gen V expands The Boys‘ universe by featuring Godolkin University and updating established characters, providing a glimpse of what to expect in the next season.



The Boys creator Eric Kripke gives an update on the show’s highly anticipated season 4 following Gen V‘s season 1 finale. Based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book of the same name, the satirical superhero show follows a group of revered, super-powered heroes who constantly abuse their powers and a vengeance-obsessed man named Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) who looks to fight back against these so-called heroes and expose them for what they truly are. After three successful seasons, The Boys was renewed for a season 4, which is expected to be released soon following the recent conclusion of Gen V season 1.

In a recent interview with Variety, Kripke gave an update regarding the release date of The Boys season 4. While he didn’t tease a specific release date, he revealed that most of the show’s editing is completed, and they’re now deep into the music and visual effects. He also added that there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes to finish the new season of The Boys. Read his full comment below:

You will not know when “The Boys” Season 4 is airing by the time the “Gen V” finale airs. But most of the editing is done, we’re now deep into the music and visual effects. Marketing is starting to taxi their planes on the runway. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes of “The Boys” Season 4, I can say that.

How The Gen V Finale Sets Up Major Storylines For The Boys Season 4

Homelander and The Boys and Gen V posters

Even though Gen V was a standalone show that introduced new faces and storylines, season 1 also expanded on The Boys’ universe. This was accomplished by portraying the school for young supes called Godolkin University (or God U), which explored the perspective and scope beyond The Seven and The Boys. Several characters from the flagship series appeared in the spinoff, including Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), Homelander (Antony Starr), and Butcher. As a result of the deep universe connection, the spinoff provided updates of established characters post-season 3 and glimpses of the show’s future, including Victoria’s blood-bending powers similar to Marie’s (Jaz Sinclair).

One major highlight of Gen V‘s season 1 finale is the mid-credit scene that featured Billy Butcher searching through the abandoned “Woods” facility, which was experimenting with subjects with a supe virus. This scene hints at Butcher’s comic book ending, which involves a biological weapon he uses to wipe out a population of supes. It is expected that The Boys season 4 will explore the extent of the virus, of which samples are currently in Victoria’s possession after retrieving them from Dr. Cardosa (Marco Pigossi) before killing him.

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Another major development in Gen V’s final episode is the arrival of Homelander and his possible alliance with Cate (Maddie Phillips) and Sam (Asa Germann), suggesting a possibility they will join The Seven. This shocking event occurs after Homelander frames Marie, Andre (Chance Perdomo), Jordan (London Thor and Derek Luh), and Emma (Lizze Broadway) for the God U massacre. It is uncertain whether any of the Gen V characters will appear in The Boys season 4. Even though plot details haven’t been confirmed for season 4, Gen V has easily set up a good chunk of story developments to give some idea of what to expect for the next venture.

Source: Variety

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