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“An Anti-Marvel Film”: The Crow Reboot Producer Teases Dark Superhero Movie With Franchise Potential-TGN


  • The producer of The Crow reboot, Sam Pressman, believes that the movie has the potential to expand into a franchise with additional media like video games and an animated series.
  • Pressman describes The Crow as an “anti-Marvel film,” suggesting that it offers a unique and different experience compared to the superhero movies associated with Marvel.
  • The success of the upcoming reboot will determine whether The Crow can continue to expand beyond 2024, as there have been concerns and backlash regarding the reboot’s potential disrespect towards the original actor, Brandon Lee.



The Crow reboot producer Sam Pressman teases the twisted superhero movie and its franchise potential. Adapted from the 1994 revenge drama of the same name, the plot for The Crow reboot revisits the world of a slain musician who is reincarnated to avenge the murder of him and his fiancée. The Crow is directed by Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders and is set to star Laura Birn, Bill Skarsgård, Danny Huston, and Jordan Bolger.

As he tells Deadline, Pressman has hope for The Crow’s potential. The producer said that the film is “an integral part of (his) company,” Pressman Film, and has “this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story.” He described The Crow as distinctly “an anti-Marvel film.” Check out the full quote from Pressman below:

The Crow has been a very central and integral part of our company and I’m really proud of the progress and the work that has been done. I think the movie is just going to blow people away. Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series or a universe, but it’s got this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story.”

“We’re finally at a point where we can really explore those other avenues because it’s such a unique property in that it is not a studio film, it’s not a Marvel film – it’s kind of an anti-Marvel film. I have the highest hopes for that and I really love what Molly Hassell has done in pushing it up the hill and Rupert Sanders is such a visionary.”

Will The Crow’s Universe Expand?

Brandon Lee smiling and looking grimacing in The Crow

The Crow has become a cult classic of the action genre since its original release in 1994. Produced by Sam Pressman’s late father, Ed Pressman, the movie has left a lasting impression since its release due to it being the last on-screen appearance of Brandon Lee. Lee, at only 28 years old, died from a wound on the set of The Crow when a firearm malfunction caused a bullet to impact a major blood vessel. The heartbreaking nature of the production had designated The Crow as a cursed movie.

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Even before the movie, the character of Crow was legendary from The Crow graphic novel series. While the first entry did a remarkable job adapting the series, the breadth of character development in the graphic novels leaves more to be explored from The Crow. Pressman hints at this potential by pointing to its “cosmic legacy.”

Whether The Crow can expand beyond the 2024 remake highly depends on the success of this upcoming reboot, which has already experienced some obstacles. After its official announcement in 2022, there was some backlash on The Crow reboot due to reboot fatigue and arguments that it would disrespect Lee’s legacy. While other commentators are open to the idea, Skarsgård still has a challenge on his hands to emulate the character in the way that Lee solidified. While Pressman seems hopeful about the potential of the anti-hero remake to re-enchant audiences, his “high hopes” come after a lengthy legacy.

Source: Deadline

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