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The Girls On The Bus Review: Max’s New Dramedy Doesn’t Have The Heft To Take On Its Complex Issues-TGN

Julie Plec and Amy Chozick loosely based The Girls on the Bus on Chozick's memoir, Chasing Hillary, about Clinton’s presidential campaign. Chozick's stand-in is Sadie McCarthy, played by Melissa Benoist, who’s covering the campaign trail of the woman she hopes will be the first female president. Along the way, she makes several friends who span generations and every side of the political aisle. They include the reporter for a pseudo-Fox News, Kimberlyn (Christina Elmore), the Gen Z TikToker who has her eye on the Socialist ringer, Lola (Natasha Behnam), and the veteran print reporter and Neo-Liberal feminist, Grace (Carla Gugino).

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