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The Killer: Michael Fassbender Takes Aim At Us In Artful Poster For New David Fincher Movie-TGN


  • The new poster for The Killer features Michael Fassbender with a gun aimed at the viewer, creating immediate intrigue and intensity.
  • Director David Fincher’s past work suggests that The Killer will be full of twists and surprises.
  • With limited plot details and no full trailer released yet, The Killer remains a mystery, leaving endless possibilities for its storyline and the actions of its assassin.

Michael Fassbender wields a gun in a new poster for The Killer. The Killer is an upcoming crime-thriller directed by David Fincher (Gone Girl, Zodiac, Se7en). The story focuses on an assassin who battles against his employers and himself after a near-miss. Starring Fassbender, Tilda Swinton, Monique Ganderton, and Arliss Howard, The Killer is expected for limited theatrical release on October 27th and a Netflix release on November 10.

The Killer receives a new artful poster via The Fincher Analyst.

In the painted poster, Fassbender has a gun drawn and aimed towards the viewer.​​ The Killer title has a shot-through appearance as a bullet hole with a trickle of blood takes the place of the letter “i”. It also features a credit list and the tag line “Execution is Everything.”

What To Expect From The Killer

The Killer Michael Fassbender BTS filming scene directed by David Fincher

This new The Killer poster reveals very little in terms of plot details. The poster does, however, give some sense of how intense the film will be. The Killer poster does not just depict action, but gives viewers a tense POV look at Fassbender, as though they are the target, providing immediate intrigue. Fincher is a master of the thriller genre, so The Killer’s implied intensity comes as no surprise.

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The Killer has yet to receive a full trailer beyond a brief snippet in Netflix’s “Save the Dates” trailer released in early 2023. This first footage of The Killer revealed star Fassbender in two action-packed fight scenes. Voiceover overlaying the shots says “Don’t improvise. Trust no one” as Fassbender works through the action.

The lack of trailers leaves a lot of mystery surrounding The Killer. With a relatively broad action premise, there seem to be endless possibilities as to what places The Killer will go with its assassin. With Fincher’s past work, The Killer is likely to be full of twists along the way of its thrilling wide. The guesses can keep coming as The Killer awaits a trailer and fall release.

Source: The Fincher Analyst

Key Release Dates

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