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The Nun 2 Director Names Key Moments Viewers Should Watch For Easter Eggs-TGN


  • The Nun II director Michael Chaves reveals multiple Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie, including Valak’s name spelled out in one scene.
  • The film expands on Valak’s terrifying presence in France during the 1950s and humanizes Maurice, setting the stage for the future of The Conjuring franchise.
  • With plenty of secret details and a unique exploration of Valak’s history, The Nun II is worth re-watching for fans who want to catch all the hidden elements.



The Nun II director Michael Chaves has revealed a multitude of Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie, which viewers can pause to find now that it’s available to stream. Another entry in The Conjuring universe, the film follows the return of Valak, who is still possessing Maurice from the previous movie. The villainous entity was first introduced in The Conjuring 2 before its backstory was further explored in its own set of films.

Speaking with SlashFilm, Chaves acknowledges there are multiple Easter eggs in The Nun II that are hidden throughout the movie. The director explains a number of hidden details, including Valak’s name in one scene and hidden objects in another. Check out what Chaves had to say below:

Great question. Yeah. It’s funny. I haven’t been online much looking it up, so I don’t know if people have caught them. There are a couple of them.

Leading up to the newsstand sequence … It actually spells out ‘Valak’ on the location. I had boarded it out. Then, we had to commit to, ‘This shot’s going to be here. This shot’s going to be here’ in the edit. Usually, you’re always playing with things in the edit. But that was one thing that I was like, ‘It needs to tell it in sequence. We got to get all of the letters in sequence.’ That was one thing.

The other thing is you get a glimpse … I’m not going to say what or who. But when Irene is up in the air facing Valak, you get a glimpse of something.

Then, in one of the very last shots of the movie where Irene is looking at Maurice, she’s holding her rosary. It echoes another image, which, if you look through the posters of the previous movies, you might be able to connect it. I haven’t had anybody point that out. But I really haven’t dug that much online. I’m curious if anyone actually figures that one out.

The Nun II Is An Important Entry In The Conjuring Universe

Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene in Front of Valak's Eyes in The Nun 2 Edited

The many Easter eggs present throughout the horror movie underscore how important a place it holds within The Conjuring universe. Its story focuses on humanizing Maurice while expanding on Valak’s terrifying presence in France during the 1950s. The Nun II‘s ending is also bittersweet, as while the demon is inevitably quelled, those who’ve seen previous films in the universe know Maurice is destined to die during an exorcism.

It appears the film may also set the stage for the future of the franchise, as Ed and Lorraine Warren appear in a post-credits scene. This could be a hint that The Conjuring: Last Rites will be about Valak in some capacity. While the movie seems like it will put an end to the franchise, it could focus on exploring Maurice’s exorcism, bringing the entire franchise full circle.

With plenty of Easter eggs hidden throughout, it seems The Nun II will be worth re-watching to catch every secret detail. Beyond its many mysteries, though, the film also delivers a story that directly expands on Valak’s history in unique ways. With a number of secretive elements highlighted by Chaves, the movie could even be worth rewatching for those whom it’s already terrified.

The Nun II is available to stream on Max.

Source: SlashFilm

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