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The Nun’s Valak Recreated In Menacing Cosplay That Perfectly Matches The Villain-TGN


  • A cosplay artist on Instagram recreates the creepy look of Valak from The Nun, wearing holy robes and using black-and-white makeup.
  • Valak, played by Bonnie Aarons, has made recent appearances in The Nun II and has the potential to appear in future films of The Conjuring franchise.
  • Director Michael Chaves has hinted at more stories involving Valak, stating that there are endless possibilities for how the demon nun could manifest in future films.



The Nun’s Valak is recreated in creepy cosplay that replicates the horror villain. Valak is a key character in The Conjuring universe, first making her appearance as the antagonist in 2016’s The Conjuring 2. More recently, Valak has been re-established as the Demon Nun in the spinoff franchise The Nun.

From the_variant_, a cosplay artist recreates the demonic nun with a scarily-accurate Valak costume.

The Nun art recreates Valak’s look in a series of cosplay photos on Instagram. The cosplayer dons holy robes that strongly resemble those of Valak in The Nun universe. The cosplayer’s makeup also uses the simple but chilling black-and-white used on Valak in The Nun movies. The artist assumes a variety of menacing poses in a set of four photos taken with a broken-down church background. In the red backlighting, the Valak cosplayer’s teeth almost look bloody.

What Is Next for Valak in The Conjuring Universe?

Valak the Nun and The Crooked Man in The Conjuring looking menacing

Played by Bonnie Aarons, Valak appeared most recently in The Nun II. The Nun II turned out to be an immense box-office success during its theatrical run. The Nun II brought in $83.7 million at the domestic box-office, and $257 million total worldwide. This was a considerable total given its estimated $38 million budget, boding well for the future of The Conjuring franchise.

The Nun II director Michael Chaves has teased further appearances from Valak in the franchise sayt “there’s still more stories of Valak the demon nun to be told,” and reminded audiences that The Nun II is set fairly early on chronologically in The Conjuring universe, meaning that Valak has many opportunities to reappear. Since this statement, Chaves has gone on to praise the impeccable “scary energy” that Aarons brings to her Valak role.

Based on Chaves’ statements, it is clear that Valak is an entity that is here to stay in The Conjuring universe, whether that be through the potential The Nun 3 or a different Conjuring franchise entry. Assuming multiple forms–including the Demon Nun and Crooked Man–the possibilities are endless for how Valak could next manifest within The Conjuring universe. In the meantime, cosplays like that of the_variant_ act to further cement horror viewers’ love for the villains.

Source: the_variant_/Instagram

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