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“The Mistake Is…On Netflix”: The OA Creator’s Reckon With Controversial Netflix Cancellations-TGN

Four years after The OA’s shocking and controversial cancellation, the show’s two creators address Netflix’s trend of ending shows early.

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The OA creators Britt Marling and Zal Batmanglij reflect on the cancellation of their Netflix show four years later. First airing on the streamer in 2016, The OA would develop a passionate following during its two-season run. The show, which follows Marling’s Prairie after she returns home from being missing for 7 years, was cancelled in 2019, sparking a fierce outcry from audiences.



Now, in a recent interview with Variety, Marling and Batmanglif address the The OA‘s controversial cancellation, which is one of many show cancellations that has landed Netflix in hot water with subscribers. Check out their full comments below:

Marling: “This happens a lot in Hollywood, where a window opens and incredible creativity rushes through. ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Stranger Things. — these were all wild, risky bets. And I think we knew that window was going to be a window, not a door. It was going to close. That’s what technology is doing in every industry — it comes in and it disrupts.

“And then at some point Wall Street’s like, ‘We’ve got to have a come-to-Jesus moment.’ The business model has to change in order to deal with the fact that we’re operating at a loss constantly. And we were caught up in that correction.

“What’s crazy is at any other time in history, if a piece of IP had that weight behind it, that’s so valuable. The mistake is actually on Netflix for not being able to figure out, in its model, how to monetize that. Because that number of people caring so passionately about a show that many of them are hunger striking or dance protesting — just from an economics background, that’s money.”

Batmanglij: “It’s not like we have one intimate face, and then we face the corporation and put on warrior clothes. We actually try to cultivate and invite that kind of intimacy with all the people we work with.”

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Source: Variety

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