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The Office Reboot Reports Addressed By Original US Showrunner: “Fans Still Care A Lot”-TGN


  • Reports emerged recently that The Office‘s US showrunner Greg Daniels is developing a reboot of the popular sitcom.
  • Daniels now comments on these reports, neither confirming nor denying that anything is happening, but saying that the response to the report affirms that “fans still care a lot“.
  • A reboot being in development is not a guarantee that it will actually get the green light and come to fruition, but Daniels promises to definitively announce something if and when it happens.



The Office showrunner Greg Daniels comments on reports that he is working on a reboot of the hit show. Based on the acclaimed British sitcom created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, NBC’s take on The Office premiered in 2005. After concluding a popular nine-season run in 2013, talk of a reboot or revival has been almost constant, but new reports emerged recently from Puck, stating that Daniels was officially developing a new take on the show.

Now, in a recent interview with Collider, Daniels comments on the reports of The Office reboot. While the showrunner is careful not to reveal too many details regarding what he may or may not be developing, he does say that recent reports only affirmed that there still exists a passionate audience for the show. Check out Daniels’ full comment below:

“Well, I think that it’s very speculative. The fact that it kind of blew up based on one line in a Puck piece was kind of cool, I guess, in the sense that the fans still care a lot. But the thing I would say is, when there’s something to announce, I will definitely announce it.”

What We Know About The Office Reboot

The Office cast of main characters - Dwight, Pam, Michael, Jim, Ryan

The original Puck piece and a follow-up report claim that Daniels is developing a reboot of The Office, but this doesn’t actually mean that the show is happening, not yet anyway. It’s not uncommon for projects to be put into development by studios, and there’s an important distinction to be made between a project being in development and a project actually getting the green light to move forward.

Essentially, Daniels is said to be attempting to devise a way for a reboot of The Office to work, which would mean coming up with characters, storylines, and a setting. If he comes up with strong enough concept, then he will pitch it to NBC, with executives then deciding whether or not it is a project that is worth pursuing. Remember that The Office season 9 featured a soft pilot for The Farm, a Dwight-focused spinoff, but NBC opted not to give the show the green light.

As for details beyond the reboot possibly being in development, there are essentially none to go by. This means it’s unclear what actors could comprise The Office reboot cast, and whether audiences can expect any familiar faces to return. While Daniels’ recent comment certainly leaves much of the mystery alive regarding the project, it at least serves as confirmation that he will be open about plans for The Office if and when the time is right.

Source: Collider

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