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2022 Action Movie Removed From Hulu Finally Available Again, Writers Celebrate-TGN


  • The Princess, a fantasy action movie, is now back on digital release after being removed from Hulu and Disney+ earlier this year.
  • Co-writers Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton celebrated the movie’s return and encouraged viewers to check it out on major streaming platforms.
  • With its availability on streaming, The Princess has another chance to find success and captivate viewers with its fantasy storyline and action-packed scenes.



Directed by Le-Van Kiet and starring Joey King and Olga Kurylenko, the fantasy action movie The Princess returns to streaming after being removed from Hulu earlier this year. The story focuses on an unnamed Princess who, after refusing to wed a malicious sociopath, is kidnapped and locked away in a secret tower of her father’s castle. The princess then must attempt to save her kingdom as her would-be suitor threatens her father’s throne. The original Hulu movie was removed from their platform and Disney+ on May 23, 2023.

Now, The Princess returns to digital release, which can be rented or bought on Prime Video and other major streaming platforms. In response, The Princess writers celebrated the movie’s return to streaming.

Ben Lustig lauded this return as “AMAZING!” as he encouraged viewers to check out the movie on digital. Lustig posited that The Princess was back “by popular demand or just sheer will.”

Co-writer Jake Thornton chimed in that The Princess is now back” after being “removed from Hulu and Disney+ earlier this year.” In response, Thornton wrote, “Hurrah! The Princess is saved!

Will The Princess Find Newfound Success On Its Digital Release

The Princess debuted as a Hulu original movie on July 1, 2022. Having only a minuscule theatrical release worldwide, Hulu was the primary avenue for viewers to watch it. The Princess was met with mixed reviews upon its Hulu release. The movie holds a 62% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, which indicates split opinions among critics.

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When The Princess was removed from the streaming platform in the summer of this year, it became difficult to find any accessible way to view the movie as the streamer revealed no immediate plans for its return in other capacities. Despite the surprising removal from Hulu and Disney+, The Princess was not the only movie or TV show to endure this treatment, as many other original projects were shockingly removed. Since then, six of those Disney+ and Hulu projects became available on video-on-demand, including The One and Only Ivan, Crater, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Flora & Ulysses.

Now available digitally, The Princess has another shot to become a hit with viewers. Hopefully, new viewers will respond well as The Princess becomes available on streaming to showcase a fantasy-like storyline and violent brouhaha.

Source: Ben Lustig/Twitter, Jake Thornton/Twitter

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