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This Is 40 2 Update From Judd Apatow Reveals Why Sequel Is Delayed After 11 Years -TGN


  • This Is 40 was released in 2012, and director Judd Apatow announced in 2022 that he was interested in making a sequel called This Is 50.
  • In a recent interview, Apatow affirms his desire to make the sequel, but jokes that scheduling with his family members, who play three of the four key roles, is a challenge.
  • The sequel would likely involve the return of key cast members from the first film, including Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and Maude and Iris Apatow, with a story that explores relatable issues like parenting, finances, and romance.



This Is 50, Judd Apatow’s planned sequel to This Is 40, gets an update that explains why the film hasn’t yet come to fruition. Released in 2012, Apatow’s hit comedy film stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as Pete and Debbie, a married couple facing a variety of familial and financial challenges as they approach the milestone age of 40. Apatow confirmed last year that he was working on a script for a This Is 40 sequel set 10 years later, which would be called This Is 50.

Now, in a recent interview with The Playlist, Apatow offers a new update on This Is 50. While it sounds like the director still hopes to make the film, one of the issues facing the sequel involves his family. Iris and Maude Apatow, the latter of whom is best known for playing Lexi in Euphoria, played Pete and Debbie’s children in the first movie, and Mann has been Apatow’s wife since 1997. Check out Apatow’s full comment below:

“I have an idea for something (‘This is 50’)… I have an idea for that, so it’s something I’ve been outlining on the side that I would love to do, but right now, it’s all about, ‘is my family available? Their schedules are getting tight.”

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What Could This Is 50 Be About?

So far, no story details for This Is 50 have been revealed, but the first film provides a fairly strong indication of the type of story that could be to come. Crucially, any story would seemingly involve the return of key cast members from the first movie, including Rudd, Mann, and both of Apatow’s daughters. It’s likely that other supporting characters would also return, potentially including Jason Segel, Annie Mumulo, Megan Fox, and Robert Smigel.

As for the story itself, the first film suggests that keeping things relatable to audiences could be a strong approach. This Is 40 features an exaggerated and overly comedic take on how it feels to turn 40 and the various changes and problems that can accompany such a milestone, but it also felt plausible. Pete and Debbie are faced with issues related to their business ventures, their romantic lives, their friends, and their children, and similar types of issues would likely face the couple as they turn 50.

One major change that would likely be included in This Is 50, however, would be related to Pete and Debbie’s daughters, who were eight and 13 during the first movie. With 10 years having passed since the first film, the parents’ relationship to their children would now be totally different, and it’s likely that one or both of the daughters wouldn’t even live at home anymore. It remains to be seen whether This Is 50 will actually happen, but scheduling is clearly one of the big issues facing the film.

Source: The Playlist

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