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Tom Welling’s Superman Gets Radical Redesign Along With Lex Luthor In New DC Universe Fan Art-TGN


  • Tom Welling’s Superman and other Smallville characters receive impressive redesigns in new fan art, reigniting fan hope for his return to the screen.
  • After Welling’s Arrowverse cameo, fans wonder if his version of Superman will make another appearance in DC’s future live-action projects.
  • The Smallville animated show that Welling is working on with Rosenbaum may offer the best chance for his Superman to continue and avoid budget constraints. Fans can enjoy the show on streaming platforms while they wait for its potential return.



Tom Welling’s Superman, along with several Smallville characters, get drastically redesigned costumes in new DC Universe fan art. Smallville continues to be one of the hottest DC live-action properties to this day, as it tells the biggest Superman prequel story while also helping pave the way for a lot of comic book TV shows and movies today. While Smallville ended in 2011, Welling returned in 2019 as his version of Clark Kent in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was the Arrowverse’s last proper major crossover event, giving fans a chance to enjoy his iteration of the character one more time.

Welling’s Arrowverse cameo revealed that sometime after Smallville season 10, Superman gave up his powers in order to have a normal life with Lois Lane. While it has been nearly four years since Crisis on Infinite Earths, Smallville fans are still hoping for Welling’s Superman to come back in one way or another.

Buffy2Ville recently shared a gallery of fan art showing what Welling’s Superman could look like with a significant redesign. The Smallville art images also feature new looks for Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor in his iconic armor, Erica Durance’s Lois Lane, Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow, Kristin Kreuk’s Lana Lang, and Laura Vandervoort’s Supergirl, with a similar version of Clark’s Superman costume.

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Will Tom Welling’s Superman Ever Appear On Screen Again?

After appearing in Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, many have been wondering if Welling’s Superman will ever return in the future. With DC’s current live-action projects, nothing is impossible, as there could be a multiverse project down the line for DC Studios where Welling’s version of the DC icon could come back. Although given the new DC Universe they are working on at the moment, multiverse stories may be something that gets put on ice for the time being, especially after the critical disaster with The Flash movie.

If Warner Bros. were to try and get Welling’s Superman back in the more immediate future, Superman & Lois season 4 would be the ideal show for the Smallville lead to show up on. Superman & Lois has also played with multiverse arcs, which would make it natural for Welling’s Man of Steel to pop up for an episode or two. The bigger issue, however, is that Superman & Lois season 4’s budget cuts might make it hard to book a prominent star like Welling at this point, given that they have already had to cut several series regulars.

The better option for Welling to reprise the role of Superman would be if his Smallville animated show that he is working on with Rosenbaum goes forward. Not only would this potentially be able to continue Smallville after season 10’s ending, but an animated show also would not have to worry about budget the same way that a live-action show might. But for now, the world can relive Smallville on streaming as they wait and see if the show ever comes back in any capacity.

Source: Buffy2Ville/Instagram

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