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Undead Unluck Episode 6 Release Date & Time-TGN


  • Undead Unluck episode #5 establishes God as one of the biggest villains in anime, with his arbitrary rules causing suffering.
  • The Union’s goal is to defeat God and put an end to his rules, and Fuko is given the opportunity to change things by amassing points.
  • Episode #6 will continue the story arc, with Fuko, Andy, and Shen heading to America to track down the UMA Spoil. Watch it on November 10.



Undead Unluck episode #5 finally revealed the central conflict of the series, and it’s appropriately big in scale. With that setup comes the beginning of a new story arc and a new threat to deal with, and it will be interesting to see how Undead Unluck episode #6 decides to start it off.

What Time Undead Unluck Episode 6 Releases

Nico's eye in episode 5 of Undead Unluck.

As with previous episodes, Undead Unluck is released exclusively on Hulu, which can be accessed through the website or directly from the app. Assuming that there are no delays, episode #6 should premiere on Friday, November 10, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (PST) and 2:00 PM Eastern (EST) in the United States and at 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the United Kingdom.

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What Happened In Undead Unluck Episode 5?

Fuko and Andy entering the Union in episode 5 of Undead Unluck.

In Undead Unluck episode #5, United We Negate, Fuko and Andy were officially inducted into the Union and informed of their operations and goals. Every three months, the Artifact Apocalypse assigns them various quests to undertake, with said quests involving hunting down Negators and UMAs. While succeeding grants them rewards, failure adds more arbitrary rules to the universe that lead to suffering, with things like sickness and death being among those rules. The Union hates this, and their goal is to build up enough strength from completing quests to become strong enough to defeat God and put an end to His rules.

Fuko, still not liking how the Union does things, is told by the leader of the Union, Juiz, that if she doesn’t like things, then she can amass enough points to take over as leader and change things. Going along with that, Andy assigns Fuko, Shen, and himself to the quest that will earn the highest amount of points: hunting the UMA Spoil. Soon after, Andy managed to subdue the UMA Clothes to gain a regenerating outfit that would keep him from fighting naked, and episode #5 ended with Fuko, Andy, and Shen heading to America to track down Spoil after discovering a lead on its location.

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Undead Unluck Makes Its Villain As Big As An Anime Could Have

Juiz wearing a helmet in episode 5 of Undead Unluck.

The biggest takeaway from Undead Unluck episode #5 is that the series has one of the biggest villains an anime could ever have in God. Making villains tyrannical deities is an easy way to establish the massive scale of a conflict, and the angle that God arbitrarily adds new rules to the laws of physics for no reason other than to make people suffer does a lot to make him the biggest threat Undead Unluck could ask for. As of now, the exact sort of antagonist God is meant to be is unknown, but Undead Unluck episode #6 onward is bound to flesh Him out in impeccable detail.

Be sure to watch Undead Unluck episode #6 when it releases on November 10.

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