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The cricketing world witnessed a spectacular showdown when Pakistan faced off against New Zealand in a must-win game during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in the vibrant city of Bengaluru. The anticipation was palpable, and cricket fans across the globe were glued to their screens to witness the intense battle of skills, strategy, and determination.

As the teams gathered on the field, Pakistan’s captain, the charismatic Babar Azam, strode confidently to the center for the all-important coin toss. The decision that followed was pivotal. Babar Azam won the toss and elected to field first, a decision that would set the tone for the thrilling encounter that was about to unfold.

With Pakistan’s bowlers ready to take on New Zealand’s formidable batting lineup, the stage was set for a high-scoring contest. New Zealand was relentless in their pursuit of runs, smashing boundaries and launching the ball into the stands. The Pakistani bowlers faced a relentless onslaught as New Zealand posted a daunting target of 401 runs in their allotted 50 overs.

When Pakistan’s turn to bat came, the opening batsman, Fakhar Zaman, emerged as a beacon of hope for his team. His performance was nothing short of extraordinary, as he smashed the Kiwi bowlers all over the park. Fakhar Zaman remained unbeaten with a remarkable score of 126 runs off just 81 balls, including 8 boundaries and an astounding 11 sixes.

However, just when the excitement reached its zenith, nature intervened. Dark clouds gathered over the stadium, and rain began to pour down. The match had to be halted due to unfavorable weather conditions. At the time of the interruption, Pakistan was at 200-1 in 25.3 overs. They were ahead by 21 runs according to the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method, and as a result, they were declared the winners of this high-stakes encounter.

(VIDEO) Babar Azam Selflessly Celebrates With Fakhar Zaman On His Century

(VIDEO) Babar Azam Selflessly Celebrates With Fakhar Zaman On His Century
(VIDEO) Babar Azam Selflessly Celebrates With Fakhar Zaman On His Century

Amidst the intense drama and the pouring rain, an interesting incident unfolded on the field. As Fakhar Zaman reached his well-deserved century, skipper Babar Azam, who was at the other end, couldn’t contain his jubilation. The sight of a beaming captain celebrating with unbridled joy was a heartwarming moment for all cricket lovers. Babar Azam’s gesture mirrored Suresh Raina’s celebration when Virat Kohli scored a century in India’s opening match of the Cricket World Cup 2015 against Pakistan at the iconic Adelaide Oval.

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