Virat Kohli’s Childhood Coach Rajkumar Sharma Celebrates Kohli’s 35th Birthday-TGN

In the world of cricket, there are few names as illustrious as Virat Kohli’s. The 35-year-old Indian cricketing sensation is currently celebrating his birthday in a way that’s turning heads both on and off the field. On this special day, India is locked in a fierce battle against South Africa in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, taking place at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Virat Kohli, known for his unwavering dedication and exceptional batting prowess, is not just enjoying cake and candles. He’s right in the thick of the action, showing the world what he does best. Kohli is out there on the pitch, leading his team with his usual charisma and aggression. What’s more, he’s on the verge of an incredible milestone – his 49th ODI hundred.

This remarkable feat would tie him with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, who holds the record for the most centuries in One Day International (ODI) cricket history. As the match unfolds, fans and cricket enthusiasts are glued to their screens, waiting with bated breath for this historic moment.

While the world watches Virat Kohli’s incredible performance, his childhood coach, Rajkumar Sharma, is celebrating in a unique and heartwarming way. Sharma, who played a pivotal role in shaping Kohli’s cricketing career, decided to share this momentous day with children at the West Delhi Cricket Academy.

As the news of Kohli’s impending milestone and his birthday spread like wildfire, young and aspiring cricketers gathered at the academy to be a part of this celebration. They brought with them a massive placard, extending their heartfelt wishes to their idol. It’s a gesture that embodies the spirit of cricket and the profound impact that players like Kohli have on the next generation.

Virat Kohli’s Childhood Coach Rajkumar Sharma Celebrates Kohli’s 35th Birthday

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