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Daryl Dixon Fights New Walkers In France In Walking Dead Spinoff Clip-TGN


  • A new clip from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon shows intense zombie-fighting action and hints at the dangers Daryl will face in France.
  • Daryl breaks his new weapon, a harpoon, in the short scene, showcasing the challenges of survival in the new spinoff.
  • The clip sets the stage for a high level of intensity and excitement as Daryl navigates his way across the country and delivers a young boy named Laurent.

A new clip from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon shows Daryl breaking his new weapon as he fights off a group of Walkers in what appears to be a warehouse. The new spinoff, which takes place after the events of The Walking Dead, sees Daryl wash ashore in France. Determined to find his way home, Daryl is soon tasked with delivering a young boy named Laurent across the country.

Now, The Walking Dead has released a new clip from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, showing Daryl breaking his harpoon fighting a group of Walkers.

The short scene teases the level of action to expect in Daryl’s show, as well as the dangers he’ll face in France. It also sets the stage for just how intense survival in France can become.

Is France The Walking Dead’s Most Dangerous Location?

Daryl carrying a harpoon on The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon poster

Daryl’s fight with a group of zombies underscores how France is one of the most dangerous locations in The Walking Dead universe. It was previously revealed that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon features acid variants whose skin and blood can burn survivors that try to kill them. This is something Daryl will have to contend with, as he’ll have to learn methods of killing them that don’t result in injuring himself.

France was also previously featured in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, where a post-credits scene showed the existence of faster, more aggressive zombies. Not only are these versions of Walkers speedier, but they also appear to turn faster than a typical zombie would. Because of this, France appears to be a hub for zombie variants, which could make it one of the deadliest locations in the apocalypse.

Beyond zombie threats are humans Daryl will have to contend with, including a group that seems to want Laurent for unknown reasons. It’s unclear just how dangerous this new group will be, but it’s likely they will prove to be a formidable adversary during Daryl’s journey. Many more hidden dangers in France could also be explored once The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon begins on September 10.

Source: The Walking Dead/Twitter

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