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“We’re Making Art”: Norman Reedus Teases Daryl Dixon Spinoff’s Differences From Walking Dead-TGN


  • Norman Reedus reveals that the upcoming spinoff The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will take a different direction from the original show.
  • Reedus believes that the new show is a chance to break free from repeating the same patterns and storylines.
  • The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is described as a beautiful and moving series that focuses on making art, rather than just chasing ratings.

Norman Reedus teases how upcoming spinoff The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is going to be vastly different from the original show. Created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead franchise originally began in 2003 with the release of comic books, which were later adapted into a television series that debuted in October 2010. After the first television show, a number of spinoffs emerged from the franchise along with an anthology series. Last year, three new spinoffs were announced, with one of them focusing on Daryl Dixon, a character Reedus played for 13 years.

Speaking to EW about the forthcoming spinoff before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Reedus explains that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is taking a different direction from the original TWD. The 54-year-old explains that he sees this show as a new lease on life, one that looks to sidestep all the foreseeable patterns of the original post-apocalyptic series. Read his full comment below:

“I think with doing a show as long as The Walking Dead for that many years, whether you know it or not, you fall into a rhythm of repeating things that work. I found myself saying some of the same lines over and over, and did all the other sorts of storylines that we had done before, maybe with another character or whatever. Now, we’re not following anything.

I feel like we’re not cranking it out for numbers on a Sunday night. We’re making art, and there’s moving dialogue. It’s a different animal, and it’s beautiful, it’s touching, and it’s sort of amazing to look at and listen to and watch and feel.

What Else We Know About The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Earlier in the year at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be released on September 10. However, due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, there were fears that the series would end up getting postponed. After weeks of speculation, AMC CEO Kristin Dolan confirmed Daryl Dixon would be released on the announced date, stating that AMC Network has a pipeline of finished shows that will allow them to serve viewers well into 2024.

Along with Reedus, who is reprising his role as Daryl, Clémence Poésy has been confirmed to play Isabelle, and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi will co-star as Laurent. Other names that have been confirmed to be a part of the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon cast include Anne Charrier as Genet, Eriq Ebanouey as Fallou, Laika Blanc Francard as Sylvie, Romain Levi as Codron, and Adam Nagaitis as Quinn.

As The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is the fifth spinoff from the original zombie series, it will be interesting to see how the showrunners create something fresh and unique that manages to resonate with the longstanding fans of the franchise. Daryl Dixon’s journey on The Walking Dead has been an especially tricky one, as he was never an original character in the comics. His inclusion has, however, massively paid off, and hopefully the new direction his show is looking to take will do the same.

Source: EW

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