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One New Manga Company is Already Poised to Become the Industry’s Future-TGN

As publishing companies work to evolve alongside new generations of readers, one is on the verge of changing the name of the game forever. What started as a small website to publish manwh has since exploded into a world-wide phenomenon, hosting all kinds of web comics from Western-style cartoons to Japanese manga. And the platform doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon.

While WEBTOON‘s bread-and-butter has always been digital comics, they’ve begun branching into new territories. Some titles have been given tangible forms in print editions that have become nearly as popular as their originals, with a few like The God of High School even getting their own anime adaptations. At this rate, WEBTOON is on the fast track to becoming the top manga publishing company in the world.

WEBTOON Is Leading the Future of Publishing

Like a hero in one of their own stories, WEBTOON comes from humble beginnings. Founder JunKoo Kim started the company in 2004 in response to the manwha industry crash. The site gained traction in South Korea thanks to its tall, scrolling format and the introduction of its Pay Profit Share program. In July 2014, the WEBTOON app launched worldwide, opening doors for creators and audiences worldwide. This move proved wildly successful, as the app’s popularity quickly grew. This overwhelming approval paved the way for WEBTOON’s first ventures into the world of traditional print comics.

Though this seems like a backwards step in innovation, these physical copies are just as popular as the originals. While at first the print copies were published by third parties, Webtoon Unscrolled was announced in 2021, allowing WEBTOON to start printing its titles independently. The list of upcoming publications they’ve announced includes the wildly popular The God of High School, which has already proved so successful that it’s gotten its own anime adaptation. Even with these new iterations of WEBTOON’s IP, the app’s accessibility continues to draw in new readers. At this point, the possibility that WEBTOON will become the next go-to source for manga seems more likely by the day.

Arguments can be made about whether physical or digital copies of books are better, but there is no denying that the adaptability, affordability, and accessibility of web comics gives them an edge over the competition. WEBTOON was born from the idea of embracing new technologies. Their forays into traditional print mediums showcase why those mediums are “traditional”, but really, the biggest boon from their print copies is the attention they bring to the company as a whole. As time goes on, their success will lead other companies to adopt online platforms for their titles, changing the future of manga as we know it.

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