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Wheel Of Time Season 2’s Recast Actor Opens Up About Replacing Mat Cauthon Star After Season 1-TGN


  • Dónal Finn replaced Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon in The Wheel of Time Season 2, but the reason behind Harris’ exit remains unknown.
  • Finn tried not to overthink taking on the role and focused on the character’s adoration from viewers to motivate him.
  • Finn created a backstory for Mat by mining the scripts and delving into the books to understand the character’s tone, ethos, and interactions.

Dónal Finn opens up about replacing British actor Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon in Prime Video’s fantasy series The Wheel Of Time. Based on Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s book series of the same name, the show follows Moiraine, a member of a powerful organization known as the Aes Sedai, and her search for the dragon reborn. After Harris initially starred as Matrim “Mat” Cauthon, a powerful Ta’veren and one of the show’s main protagonists in the first season of the show, it was announced in September 2021 that the 26-year-old would not be returning for season 2 and would instead be replaced by Finn in the forthcoming season.

In a conversation with TVLine prior to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, Finn explained that he tried not to overthink taking on the role of Mat in The Wheel of Time season 2. “I kind of put my head in the sand”, he said, before going on to explain that the adoration for the character is what motivated him to give his best to the role. Read his full comments below:

I mean, I kind of tried not to imagine it. I kind of put my head in the sand, because I knew that if I allowed myself some time to stop and think about it, I could get very overwhelmed. But ultimately, knowing how much the fans love this character motivated me to make sure that I was starting it in the right place, and that process involved kind of gathering up all of the written work of Season 1 and taking all those scripts and mining them to create a backstory for Mat. Then, to kind of flesh that out, what’s been massively useful is delving into the books and mining them for the tone of this man and his ethos and his lust for living life in extremes and also, you know, how he interacts with people, objects in the space. That allowed me to get to know him in a new way.

Why Did Finn Replace Harris As Mat Cauthon

While speculations surrounding the recasting of Mat persists, the reason behind Harris’ exit from the show remains unclear. Harris initially filmed the show’s first six episodes before production was shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when production resumed, Harris did not return. Due to his absence, the ending of episode 6 was modified so that Mat did not enter the Ways with the group and the only other appearance he made in the show was archival footage.

While there were rumors that the reason Harris would not be returning to the show had to do with the production’s COVID-19 policy, particularly that he was refusing to be vaccinated. These rumors have, however, been debunked. Production for the show resumed in September 2020, prior to vaccination requirements in December 2020.

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While the reason for Harris’ exit from The Wheel Of Time is unknown, Finn should prove a capable replacement for the British actor. The rising star has recently starred in The Witcher, Cursed, and the BAFTA-nominated SAS: Rogue Heroes where he displayed his acting chops and proved that he’s ready to take on bigger roles. With season 2’s release date just around the corner, The Wheel of Time viewers will hopefully see a seamless change in the recasting and hope Finn is able to capture Mat’s charm.

Source: TVLine

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