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New Wheel Of Time Season 2 Video Teases Rand’s Growing Dragon Reborn Powers-TGN


  • Rand battles to control his Dragon Reborn powers, after facing the temptation of the Dark One’s offer of a blissful life in exchange for surrender.
  • The teaser for season 2 shows Rand seeking to understand and manipulate his powers while grappling with mental instability.
  • Season 2 will feature Rand’s journey to return to his loved ones, as he fights against his own instability.

The Wheel of Time‘s Rand battles to take hold of his Dragon Reborn powers in a new video. When viewers last encountered Rand in the season 1 finale, the Dark One attempts to persuade Rand to surrender his powers to the Shadow in exchange for a supposed blissful life with Egwene. Refusing to fall victim to this snare, Rand temporarily fends off the Dark One and goes into hiding, falling into a state of mental instability.

Ahead of The Wheel of Time season 2 premiering September 1 on Prime Video, The Wheel of Time Twitter account posted a teaser that gives insight into Rand’s upcoming story arc

The post includs the caption “THE TIME FOR POWER IS NOW” and featured Rand stating, “I want to know how to control it” as threads of light flash past his body, almost as if he is manipulating the elements.

How Rand’s Dragon Reborn Powers Could Affect Season 2

Rand al'Thor The Wheel of Time with a bow and arrow

With The Wheel of Time season 1 finale teasing Rand’s future, readers of the Robert Jordan fantasy book series the show bases itself on may already understand the importance of Rand controlling his powers. As the Dragon Reborn, Rand holds a destiny that will result in him either saving the world from the Dark One or succumbing to its influences, transforming into a weapon of darkness.

The Wheel of Time star Josha Strawdowski, for his part, acknowledges the weight of his character’s prophecy. Strawdowski stated that because the power carries such intensity and vastness, channeling it only causes Rand to become more overwhelmed and closer to mental unrest. With Rand deserting his loved ones at the end of season 1 to wrestle with his own instability, season 2 will likely feature scenes of Rand fighting to return to those who need him.

Season 1 notably distinguishes itself from the first book of the series by broadening the field of potential Dragon-Reborn candidates in order to build suspense for the Rand reveal. With some changes made from the books, The Wheel of Time viewers will have to wait and see if season 2 makes any significant changes to the story as well.

Source: The Wheel of Time/Twitter

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