When Amit Mishra Shut Off A Pakistani Actress Who Tried To Troll Him-TGN

The world of cricket often thrives not just on the pitch but also in the virtual arena of social media. One such instance occurred recently involving former Indian international cricketer, Amit Mishra. Known for his sharp wit on Twitter, Mishra has often used the platform to express his views and even make playful bets. However, it was one such bet that drew him into a whirlwind of social media frenzy, particularly with a Pakistani actress, Sehar Shinwari.

Before the Afghanistan-Pakistan match in the Super Four of the Asia Cup 2023, Mishra tweeted a rather cheeky wager. He claimed that he would eat “Afghani Chaap” for a whole week if Afghanistan managed to beat Pakistan. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen, leading Shinwari to take a swipe at the cricketer. She suggested that Mishra should eat “cow dung” instead, given Afghanistan’s failure to beat Pakistan. What followed was a savage reply from Mishra that sent Twitter into a tizzy.

When Amit Mishra Shut Off A Pakistani Actress Who Tried To Troll Him

Quick on his feet, Mishra retorted by stating he had no plans of visiting Pakistan. The implication was crystal clear, and Twitter users couldn’t get enough of it. Scores of them laughed, some even joining in to troll the actress further. The incident unveiled the immense power of social media, where a tweet can evoke intense reactions from around the world.

Shinwari, unfazed, fired back, asking, “Why coming to Pakistan? Is cow dung out of stock in India?” The exchange continued to fuel the already heated atmosphere, especially as India was knocked out of the Asia Cup 2023.

Interestingly, social media serves as a great leveler. Here we had a former cricketer and an actress from rival nations engaging in a war of words, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It gives fans the ability to participate in the narrative, making them more than just spectators. Following the exchange, numerous fans jumped into the conversation, sharing their own takes, memes, and jokes.

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Moreover, while India may have been knocked out of the Asia Cup 2023, this Twitter exchange offered some solace to Indian fans. It was a moment where national pride, though tinged with humor, echoed in the virtual corridors of the internet. It proved that even if the team wasn’t victorious on the field, their representatives could still win battles off it.

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