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Young Rock Season 4 Gets Surprise & Blunt Update Following NBC Cancellation-TGN


  • Young Rock season 4 could be revived after its NBC cancellation, according to executive consultant Harvey Wippleman.
  • The Young Rock season 3 finale hints at Johnson’s beginnings as a movie star and offers a heartfelt goodbye.
  • Despite his success as a WWE superstar, there is still much more to Johnson’s story as he transitions into acting.



Young Rock season 4 gets a surprising update following its NBC cancellation. Co-created by Jeff Chiang and Nahnatchka Khan with Dwayne Johnson serving as an on-screen narrator and looking back on his early years, the sitcom split Johnson’s life into three main periods. Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu played the titular role, with season 3 focusing on Johnson’s beginnings as a WWE superstar. The show also starred Stacey Leilua, Joseph Lee Anderson, and Ana Tuisila.

Now, after NBC cancelled Young Rock in June of this year, executive consultant Harvey Wippleman told Developmentally Speaking (via Comicbook.com) about a potential revival. The consultant sounded confident about the show’s chances of returning. Wippleman, a former WWE star, indicated there could be news coming whenever the SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end. Read his quote below:

It was a great experience, and it’s not over yet. It’s not on NBC anymore, but once the actors’ strike resolves, stay tuned. Young Rock will be back. The story ain’t over yet.

What To Expect From Young Rock Season 4

In the Young Rock season 3 finale, the show seemingly sets the stage for the next chapter of Johnson’s celebrity. The episode, “False Ceilings,” sees the titular wrestler arguably at the height of his popularity as a WWE superstar. He’s asked to do more acting and fielding calls after successfully hosting Saturday Night Live, which could suggest that the sitcom’s season 4 will chronicle Johnson’s beginnings as a movie star.

Elsewhere in the finale, the show seemed to be saying a quiet farewell. Johnson delivered on a promise that had been recurring throughout the series, buying his parents and grandmother a house and offering those he loved a measure of peace. There’s even a housewarming party that features some of Young Rock’s recurring cast in a full-circle moment.

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However, if the sitcom does return, whether as Young Rock season 4 or a wrap-up movie, there’s a lot more to Johnson’s life. His path to acting success wasn’t smooth, with his early filmography a mixed bag. On the whole, there is a lot more to dramatize as the titular character begins his slow shift away from the squared circle.

Source: Developmentally Speaking (via Comicbook.com)

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