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Young Sheldon’s Missy Actor Reacts To Cancellation News With Heartfelt Post: “So Grateful”-TGN


  • Raegan Revord, who plays Missy on Young Sheldon, expresses her sadness about the show ending with a delayed and shortened season 7.
  • Despite the show’s popularity and high ratings, CBS has yet to provide a formal reason for ending the prequel spinoff.
  • The shortened season will reduce disruptions in storytelling pacing but may leave fans unsatisfied if unresolved plots aren’t addressed.



On the heels of the news that Young Sheldon is ending with season 7, Missy actor Raegan Revord candidly reveals her feelings about parting ways with the Coopers. Sheldon and the rest of his family are preparing to say goodbye in arguably one of the least ideal ways — with a delayed and shortened year. CBS has announced that Young Sheldon season 7 will be the final outing for the beloved family as it approaches the events established in The Big Bang Theory canon.

The news is heartbreaking for its legion of fans, but even people who are involved in Young Sheldon are distraught about it, such as Revord, who took to her official Instagram account to comment on the matter. Check out her post below:

Previously, Revord commented on Iain Armitage’s post about the ending of the show. However, this is the first time that she has fully spoken out about it.

Why Young Sheldon Ending Is Surprising

Unlike the typical cancellations, Young Sheldon ending isn’t because of lack of interest in the Coopers. In fact, it is so widely popular, even posting show-high ratings in season 6, which makes this all the more intriguing. CBS has yet to offer a formal reason as to why they are pulling the plug on The Big Bang Theory spinoff, but it is likely motivated by the fact that Sheldon is set to move out of Texas in just a year. He will then settle in Pasadena, where he will spend the rest of his adult days as seen in the nerd-centric sitcom.

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Prior to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, discussions about the show ending were already going on. However, there were hopes that its popularity would score it at least one more year. The Hollywood strikes significantly delayed the verdict, as well as the show’s return. Now, instead of the usual 22-episode year, the spinoff is looking to wrap things up with just 15 episodes. There’s one upside to Young Sheldon season 7’s late premiere, however — it will greatly reduce the mini-hiatuses that it usually takes in the middle of its run, which disrupts the show’s storytelling pacing.

Only time will tell if Young Sheldon can deliver a satisfying send-off with a much shorter final season. Considering how great its storytelling has become in the last couple of seasons, it will be massively disappointing if CBS botches the prequel’s ending this way. Knowing the network could have ordered season 8 to have enough time to address all the lingering plots would certainly make a rushed ending sting.

Source: Raegan Revord/Instagram

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