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Young Sheldon Final Season News Inspires Heartbreakingly Sweet Response From Star-TGN


  • Despite its popularity and high ratings, Young Sheldon is ending with season 7 due to The Big Bang Theory’s official canon and the natural end of the prequel storyline.
  • There are concerns that the shortened season won’t be able to provide a satisfying ending, considering the show’s elevated storytelling in season 6.
  • Young Sheldon has been praised for surpassing The Big Bang Theory in quality, making its cancellation a disappointment. CBS had other options to continue the spin-off, but ultimately decided against them.

Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage breaks his silence over the news that The Big Bang Theory prequel is ending with season 7. After months of waiting further delayed by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA strikes, CBS has finally decided on the future of the family comedy. Young Sheldon will end with season 7 despite a shortened run.

Not long after news broke out about Young Sheldon‘s fate, Iain Armitage, who plays the show’s titular character, took it to his official Instagram account to comment on the matter. Check out his post below:

Armitage opted to post a behind-the-scenes image of him, Montana Jordan, and Raegan Revord on the set of The Big Bang Theory. In the comment section, Revord replied to the message, writing: “Can’t stop crying. My family forever!”

Why Young Sheldon Is Ending With Season 7?

Young Sheldon is not only CBS’ premier sitcom, but it’s also TV’s number 1 comedy. Considering its popularity, it may be surprising that it is getting canceled, especially on the heels of the Hollywood strikes. That being said, the biggest driving force behind the idea that Young Sheldon must end with season 7 is The Big Bang Theory‘s official canon. As a prequel, the spin-off has a natural end, which is quickly approaching. When Sheldon comes back home from his summer abroad in Germany, he only has one year left in college, and then he will move to Pasadena to attend Caltech.

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CBS has set Young Sheldon for a February 15 premiere date and is slated for 15 episodes — more than what other returning shows are getting but still significantly fewer than its usual 22-outing output. Given this, there are understandable concerns that the show won’t be able to deliver a satisfying ending, which would be a shame, considering the way it elevated its storytelling in season 6. Among the things that it needs to address is George’s cheating scandal and eventual death, as well as the wedding of Mandy and Georgie.

Arguably, Young Sheldon has surpassed The Big Bang Theory in quality, which makes its cancelation all the more disappointing. Season 6 posted show-high ratings, proving that the public is responding to its storytelling. There are ways that CBS could have worked its way around The Big Bang Theory canon to keep its spin-off going. Unfortunately, the network decided that those options weren’t viable.

Source: Iain Armitage/Instagram

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