“He Thinks He Is Cristiano Ronaldo..” Yuvraj Singh Takes A Dig At Virat Kohli-TGN

Former India all-rounder and World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh has been making a lot of news lately for his candid interview with YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia. One of the excerpts from the show has been making rounds on the internet where Yuvi has taken a dig at Virat Kohli over the latter’s football skills.

Virat Kohli, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest batters of the modern era, is also known for his football skills. Yuvraj Singh also enjoys the sport and the two have often been spotted playing friendly football games.

Yuvraj Singh Takes A Dig At Virat Kohli

Speaking in a recent interaction on the TRS podcast, Yuvraj shared his candid views on Kohli’s football skills, albeit in his trademark Punjabi style. He said:

Meri aur Virat ki bahut badi ladai hui hai football mein, meri (Ashish) Nehra ke saath bahut badi ladai hui hai football mein, Viru (Sehwag) ke saath, toh vo ho jaata hai. (Me and Virat have fought during football. I have also had fights with Nehra and Sehwag)”

He added: “Usko (Virat Kohli) lagta hai vo bahut faadu footballer hai. Hai skilll, par mere andar usse jyada hai. Vo faadu batsman hai, footballer mai better hoon. He thinks he is Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is not. In his cricket, he is Cristiano Ronaldo. (Kohli thinks he is a very good footballer. He has skills, but I am better than him in football.),”

The video of the same excerpt has been going viral on the Internet. Watch it here:

During the same podcast, Yuvi also showered praise on Virat Kohli for giving a lot of importance to fitness during his tenure as Indian captain. Yuvi said:

“We all wanted to become a fit team but when Kohli became the captain there was a big difference. He set a benchmark.”

When Yuvi was asked about his equation with Kohli, the former cricketer confessed that the two don’t interact much as Kohli is a busy person. He said:

“I don’t disturb him because he is busy. We knew the young Virat Kohli as Cheeku. Today’s Cheeku is Virat Kohli, so there is a big difference,”

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